Cdp or Dac

I currenty using SFT1 +SFD2MK2 as my CDP, due to the transport was broken and repair is expensive,(1) I would like to take a SONY XA7es to work as a transport, is it will good as a transport, and I had listen it's merchanism had some problem about read DISC display error, is it is true? (2) or if I sell my SFD2 to replace a Single CDP like Electrocompaniet EMC1 or Meridian 508.24, which will better, any advice will be greatly appreciated.
I suggest Electrocompaniet or Copland 289.Sony scd-1 is also something to think about although it will not play CDs as well as these players.Trust your ears.Mikhail.
Resolution Audio CD-50.
Can anybody tell me which way is better, Transport + DAC or a Single CD Player. And how about Sony Xa7es work as a Transport. Thanks
ALEXAN, a single CD player is better. Separates cost more than twice as much, and aren't always as good, MUCH LESS BETTER, than a great CD player. The only jitter free digital connection is the I2S bus, and only two or three models have it. AND IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO GO WITH UPSAMPLING (like dCS), you'll never get the best CD playback anyway. Put any other player up against a RA CD-50, and you'll see true value/performance in action. If you're in my area, I invite you to come hear it, and bring whatever player or digital separates combo you'd like to compare...