I'm using a Toshiba SD9100 dvd player as my CD source, and with my conditioning and isolation sounds pretty good,but want to upgrade something(ever get that feeling?)spending up to $1500.
Can I buy a better DAC with the money or am I better to just get a Sony SCD XA777ES?
Or what., Thanks.
I vote for a DAC. Great used ones show up all the time. Audio Logic, Chord 64, etc. You'll need a good digital cable.

Happy Listening.
For a DAC, check out some of the non-os ones that are out there like the Audio Mirror. Many of these go for under $1000 (the Audio Mirror is $500) so that leaves you a lot left over for a really nice digital IC. Also, for a CDP, if you can find a Sony DVP-NS900V, send it to TRL for their modifications and for under $1000 you will have an excellent CDP. Word from CES is that it is one of the most musical CDPs you will hear.
Audio Logic and Chord make killer DACs, both of which I very closely considered buying before settling on an unmodded Audio Mirror D1. It has a very analogue yet dynamic and spacious presentation, and it's way more than I would have ever expected for $500.