CDP/laser repair in Tampa bay area

Are there any good repair shops in the Tampa bay area ?
I think that I need to have my laser realigned as it does some occasional skipping when cold .

Thank you
Nobody around Tampa ?
Hi all ! If it were me i would just replace the entire transport . When they start to skip usually the laser is going . What kind of player is it? I can look it up . If you want to get one I can probably put in in in 15 minutes .
Avoid AV. South at all costs.
Well said Polk432.
After my experiences trying to find a good repair shop for my Marantz Sa11S1 in the Tampa Bay area, I'd strongly suggest sending it to a factory authorized repair center. As the earlier post suggested, you probably need a new laser.
Hi all.
Unfortunatly the manufacturer is not supporting it ! Which I don't understand as he is still manufacturing the same unit ! I guess this is the price you pay for doing buisness with a small botique company . Great product but no support .

Polk and Harv; I have done buisness with AV South . Very strange bunch .

Thanks guys
Bradluke0 ;
How do I get in touch with you ? I tried to email you but Audiogon has removed that option for me .
Saki 70. Sorry I don't know where you can get your component fixed. If you don't walk into AV. South with 10k to waste they seem irritated that you're there. I paid them 200.00 up front for a 500.00 job assembling a Linn Sondek 12 TT with non Linn parts to see how well they would work. I never got a call back from them after they told me it would take 1 week. After 10 days I called them and it was not done, I had to buy apoxy and go there and glue the part in myself since their repair guy said he was the last one touching it and didn't want to look bad if things didn't work out. I went back again, paid the balance off and the TT worked for about a week. I rebuilt it and one more that I now have. The old one was sold and still works fine. If they didn't want the job, why didn't they just say so? I had purchased Linn products from them through out the years and they were always arrogant. I thought it was just me, until the last time I went there and asked the price of a used Linn Classik. After a 1.5 hour wait for an answer, Chris the salesman said you're going to tell me what you're going to pay for this. None of the following was or seemed to be included.. power cord, original box, manual, am, fm antenna, set of IC's, speaker wire, wire adapters or warranty. The unit was used, so I offered 500.00 and was very arrogantly told NO! In front of others. He's lucky I didn't backfist him one. I thought to myself I haven't worked for years and could pay cash for anything there. He works there and can't say that, and talks down to me? They lost out on at least 5 other Linn items that they could have sold me before that by not returning calls. I emailed Linn and even called them to let them know who was representing them, and Linn sent them a copy of the email. Every other Linn dealer through out the US that I've purchased from had much more class than these guy did. Maybe Mark in Sarasota (a Linn dealer) can help you or guide you in the right direction. Best of luck.
Hi all ! I looked up a few lists and I cant find what transport is in that marantz . I just put a new transport in my cary 303/300 , I had to pull out the transport and find the model number under the bottom . It only has two connections the unplug and four screws that hold it in . Do not pay A lot to fix it , find the model number , order one on ebay and pop it in . It is a very easy job .
I was just speaking of the general difficulty of finding a good repair shop in this area and used my Marantz as an example. I don't think Saki70 has yet said what brand he's having problems with. In the case of my Marantz, it is WAY more complicated to replace the transport than just removing two screws and popping in a new one. The reason you can't find what laser is in the Marantz Sa11S1 is because it isn't available anymore (unless you find NOS)and Marantz has engineered a complicated surgery that involves new ribbon cable, resistors,and other parts in order to accommodate a new laser (for which I still don't know the part number.)
Hi all ! Pull the transport and look at the bottom for a model number . My guess it is made by someone else and is used in many other brands and models . Unless you want to give someone $500 - $ 800 to fix it . I tried to post my email addy last night but the AG police must have disallowed my post .
Ya , the paronoia has set in hot and heavy around here !
I asked them about contacting members directly a couple of months ago and they said that they are working on it .
Has anyone noticed that if you send an email to a seller that it shows up on the sellers sale page for all to see ?
I thought that to be a little strange .
The only good audio repair place in Tampa that I know of is Pro Audio. They handle lots of old tube gear, and are usually pretty easy to deal with.
What player is this?

Cheers George