CDP laser problem

My CD player (MHZS 88F) developed a problem: when starting a CD, I sometimes hear clicks, and sometimes intermittent noise. When I remove the CD and clean it with a soft cloth or clean a laser head with a soft brush, it disappears.

I heard that there is a laser cleaning disk/device or something like that, but I also heard that these may be dangerous for a CD player. Do the symptoms I described suggest that the laser head is [nearly] out of order?
Try lubricating the sled which the laser sits on.
The laser can move around on top of a pair of thin metal rail tubing. They have some white lub usually at the ends of the rails. Use a toothpick and move it back on to the middle of the rails, It does not need to be pretty, just try to distribute some all around the rails in the middle. (the Cd lens will do the rest of the lubing when it moves around
Usually taking off the cover is all you need to do to see the laser assy and the rails.
Use half of the white goo there. leave the rest for a few years in the future.

And you can also see if any (human) hair is stuck in around the laser too.