CDP in Classic Music vs Mimik I

Would appreciate any comments comparisons about differences between the CD function in the Classic versus that of the Mimik. Will be use for occasional listening of classical and jazz with a pair of Kans. Thanks Dave
I had a Mimik II and it sounded about the same as the Classik, but The Mimik can be hooked up to seperates and sound differently with a tube amp and pre. Then again, you can hook up a tube amp to the Classik. What you're asking is more dependent on price. I used Katans, and Majik 140's. I was told that the Numerik Dac would make a big difference hooked to the Mimik II (by a lousy hi end co. in Tampa Fl.) but it made no difference at all. The Classic has a lot of good functions, so maybe that would be your best bet. Best of luck.
Does the Classsik run hot?
No, it runs about the same as all of the other Linn products. I would look for one of the older ones for 650-750. The newer ones cost more than they are worth. It has a clock, alarm clock, eq, (built in) CD player, AM FM Tuner, hook ups for 4 speakers, pre out for another amp, tape loop, and you can set the voltage for USA, Europe, and Japan. 56 Watts @ 8 ohms 75 @ 4 ohms. You will need the adapters to hook up the speakers on the back, but they can be bought on Ebay or Ebay uk. Katans, Ninkas, will all sound good. I'd get a manual or try to download one first. Best of luck.