cdp hunt/ compared to accuphase dp75

I've come to a decision to upgrade my cdp, on a website there's a second hand accuphase dp75, for around $2900USD. Prior to this discovery, i was planning to go for brand new bryston bcd-1. I heard other accuphase in other system and it exceled in vocal stuff. I'm not sure if i can make a direct comparison.
My preference in sound is accuracy in timbre, and great dynamics to compensate my laid back Plinius+Spendor, is accuphase in another league from Bryston?(considering the price difference) I mentioned Byston for its natural presentation and powerful bass, maybe there are other brands that i have not been aware of. Please educate me, cheers
You have to take into account the other equipment the Accuphase was paired with.If at all possible,you need to audition equipment with your system.If you don't have a dealer that will let you do this,Audio Advisor has a thirty day guarantee program.They sell the Bryston player.They are a great company.I have done a lot of business with them.Personally,if I were spending that much money,I'd be looking at something new with a warranty.Below is a link to Audio Advisor.Good luck in your search.
I used to pair an Accuphase DP500 paired with Plinius and Dyn. I also have a Spendor S3/5 in another system so i'm familiar with its voicing. If you are looking for the CDP to compensate against the warm and laid-back nature of the Plinny-Spendor the Accuphase may not be the best solution. You will probably achieve more synergy with the Plinius CD101 CDP, w/c I have auditioned with Plinius amp and is quite superb given the right system.
you are right about the synergy, though the plinius dealer is 3 hours drive away from me, as i'm in a process to upgrade my cable, cd101 is a bit pricy unless 2nd hand shows up.
Just based on the reivews i read, bryston seems a tad more musical, with emphasis in the bass(which I like), but this could mean less detailed than Plinius.
im just speculating here! but just came back from my friend's last night and heard his dynaudio speakers, i had a feeling that this laid back issue could all be solved by changing my spendor to dyn, since many suggest a good synergy with the Plinius and Dyn, then again these are two very different speakers, there's no comparison.
i guess accuphase might not be the ticket, some cdp that are famous for their PRAT effect came to mind, like Naim, Rega, Ayre?
Get your friend to bring his Dyns to your house for a listen.A good friend would do that for you !!!!