CDP Help -- Apollo vs Apollo-R vs Saturn

I'm upgrading from an almost vintage system to entry level audiophile gear. I'm still developing my ear and tastes in quality sounding gear. I have little time to demo but like the Rega and Naim sound. My budget is tight and I'm buying piece-meal as opportunities arise. So far I have bought Totem Sttafs. I'm leaning toward Rega Brio-R, SimAudio Moon 250i, Naim Nait 5i-2 (or similar) integrated. Here's my current potential CDP buy for which I'd appreciate opinions;

1) never used, in box Rega Apollo for $450 private sale,
2) used excellent condition Rega Saturn for $900 private sale,
3) wait for Apollo-R release and buy from dealer $1095 + $100 tax, includes warranty.

I'm not sure about the value of these CDPs when the new Apollo-R hits the shelves in a few weeks. I'm new to this, so any input would help. Thanks
The Rega Apollo for $495 is an excellent deal. I have used the Apollo for 5 or 6 years without any problems. It is paired with a Prima Luna Prologue 2 tube integrated and Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1 speakers.

The sound is musical and involving, detailed without being annoyingly so. I can and do listen to this system for hours. I have been considering purchasing another Apollo and store it away, just to have it.

I own the Apollo and think it's a great player. The $450 price tag is a very good price, hard to find another at that price today.
Having said that, I'd say that #3 is better than #2 is better than #1. Is the price difference worth it to you? Only you can answer.

If my intention were to try a few different flavors I'd go with either #1 or #2 because of resale.
If my intention were to buy something and use it long term I'd be inclined to buy the new -R and be done with it.
Thanks Rar1. The sound you describe is what I'm seeking. My 1986 Sony CDP-37 renders all but remastered CDs harsh and fatiguing. I'm temporarily using my Panasonic DVD player as a CDP and it's much warmer, but seems to put a bit too much emphasis on upper mids (perhaps to enhance vocal dialogue in movies?). Cymbals roll-off nicely, however. It's giving me a chance to develop an understanding of how different CDPs present the same information. From what I read, the Apollo is a sensible value, even at full price.
Thanks Sebrof. There has been little written about the Apollo-R. Would you rank it higher than the Saturn independent of price? Have you heard it?

The Apollo for $450 seems like a can't lose deal, esp as an entry level unit. Frankly, I haven't heard the Saturn or the R, but several months back I preferred a Naim CDP over the original Apollo. The Naim had a larger presence, bigger soundstage. Unfortunately, I don't remember the model Naim CDP I heard.
Naim Nait 5i, Nait 2, or Nait 3R (preferably "split" so you can a power supply later) - used
Naim CD5/Flatcap - used

This is the exact system we have for a second system upstairs (with a Nait 5i). Those three components cost us $2,100 used. Love it. It just ticks all the boxes at a low price (for hifi).
Btw, Joerand, I have owned all of those components and an Apollo along with CDX2 and a CDS3 at various points. My faves (taking into consideration price) are the Nait 3R with a Flatcap and the CD5 with a Flatcap. Nait 5i coming up close second to the 3R.

I really liked the Apollo but I thought tone was more authentic with Naim cd players. Apollo tone seemed slightly glossy or smoothed over. I am being highly critical here...i loved it and i am thinking about an Apollo-R also.
Can't comment on the Apollo or Apollo-R, but my office system has a Rega Saturn running through a vintage Pioneer SX1980 receiver (in excellent condition) and speakers are Linn Katan and Velodyne SPL-1000. Very pleasing results. The Saturn acquits itself well across the full spectrum, is very musical and transparent, glare and fatigue free, while delivering crisp PRAT and bass. $900 (or a bit less if you shop around) is about right for the Saturn, and its a very good CDP value for that price.