cdp for proac 1 sc

I'm looking for any recommendation on cdp to be paired with
proac 1 sc. My budget is around $1500 used. I prefer not to used tube based cdp.
I listen mostly to jazz. Right now I'm still using Rotel amp (that would be my next upgrade).
Please help... thanks
Caweran, I think you should look into the amp before going to the cdp.
Actually, chances are that the potentially slightly warm and rich sound found in most Rotel amps would compliment nicely with the potentially slightly cool sound found in most ProAc's.

You might consider a used Sony 777es player for about $1200 to $1500. Or you might even consider a used Sony DVP s9000es SACD/CD/DVD unit for about $600 or so. And then have the unit modified by Stan Warren for $250 for an even better sound.

Both Sony units are very well constructed and offer superior off-the-shelf performance for their original retail prices.

I would definitely look at a new amp before a cdp. The ProAc's require very good amplification to bring out their best. I would recommend auditioning Audio Research for tubes and Arye or Classe for soild state. You might want to also consider the new PS Audio HCA-2 which is a hybrid analog/ digital amplifier. I have owned Rotel and although it presents a good value I can't imagine very good synergy with the ProAc's. The Rotel setup I heard was with B&W and it sounded very good for the money.
thanks for the replies guys and I agree with you guys...
I'm thinking to upgrade the amp too.. but right now I'm using a cheap cheap pioneer dvd player for my source (a 4 lbs dvd player) I don't know if that good enough but I assume that has to go first.
any other recommendation other than sony?