CDP for MF A308 integrated

Hi, I'm new to the audiophile business and was wondering what would be a good match with the A308. I was looking at the Jolida JD100a or the Shanling T100. My budget would top out around $1500. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks JohnnyP.
Why not go with the MF A308 CD Player?
Lots of choices at the $1500 price point both new, used, or used and then modded units.
Do a few searches here and at Audio Asylum forums.
Don't be in a hurry and honestly-buy used for the best value.
The MF A308 is a good foundation for any number of players as the MF house sound is fairly neutral (generally what you want) and leans toward warmish for soild state to my ears.

Good Luck and welcome to the insanity.
I will second krell_man's suggestion. The A308 CDP is an outstanding player.
Your price is in the used Audio Aero Prima camp .
Depending on your type of music , it could be a contender .
Good Luck .
Thanks for your suggestions. I have alot of research to do. I live in Canada so I was leaning towards a Jolida modded by parts connexion. The A308cd is a good suggestion but I doubt I'll find one here or someone to ship it here for under $1500. Thanks again...
Look around. I think you can get the A308cd within your budget. It is a very good product. I have one driving the MF TriVista Int Amp, and am very impressed.
The Jolida is a nice player. I heard one stock in a shop for an afternoon and was impressed overall.
Just picked up a Jolida JD100 cdp with the mod1. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions about tubes(my first time dealing with). Is there any tubes that would compliment this combination. Thanks for the help... JohnnyP.