CDP for McIntosh MA6900

I'm planning to buy the McIntosh MA6900 Integrated amp and a CDP, I tried to use a Accuphase DP-400 and Esoteric SA-10 CDP to test the MA6900 (Speaker is Harbeth M30). In my opinion, Accuphase is totally defeated by SA-10 , Esoteric sound so detail and beautiful, full of body and soul. But currently a Linn local dealer has a special promotion for their Linn Majik CD player now in my city. Unfortunately, I can't use a MA6900 to test the Linn Majik CD.

Does anybody have experience to compare a Linn Majik CD and Esoteric SA-10 with McIntosh amp? Which has better sound you think ? SA-10 is about US$ 450 more than Linn Majik.

I use this it for Jazz instrumental music, usually Contemporary Jazz, Standard Jazz, Bossa Nova,...Piano, guitar, tenor sax, soprano. Occasionally, some Jazz and Bossa Nova vocal but not much. The speaker will be Harbeth M30 or ProAc D15.
You may want to consider the McIntosh MCD 500. I have a MA 6600 with thw MCD301 nad they are very compatible together. I'm not a McIntosh fanatic but this combination seems to have a lot going for it.
I'm using the MVP 871 with my MA 6600. I listen to a lot of Contemporary Jazz and Bossa Nova, and couldn't be happier. They can be had for around $2250.00 brand new. Josh at Recycled Audio was great to deal with, and he is a McIntosh dealer. FWIW
I'm with Rtaylor...MCD 500 I would think is the better match.
This doesn't totally answer your question but may help. I've owned the Linn Karik III CDP years ago and like the clear musical sound w/ tight bass so it might compliment Mac gear. Anyways, in talking to TBone a week ago about the Linn CDP subject here is what he says of the Majik on an AudioAsylum post:
Marantz SA11S2, McIntosh MCD 301 or 500.
Another vote for the MCD500. I'm also running an MA6600 and "magic" doesn't do the combo justice.