CDP for MA6900 + SF Grand Piano Home

Hi all,

Need some recommendation for CDP to match with McIntOsh MA6900 driving the Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home. Budget would be USD2500-3000.

Listen mostly to vocal, jazz & a bit of new age.

Just shoot. Would appreicate if you could leave a few lines to say why the CDP is a good match.

Many Thanks!
Not knowing what type of sound you like, it will be hard to say. Personally, for your system I would get a CD player that has a forward soundstage and is rather detailed like an Audio Aero Capitole, Ayre CX7 or Cary 303/300. Good luck! Arthur
Thanks Arthur,

I am looking for balanced sound, bright is a no no.. also non fatigue sound....

On the forward side is the consonance 120 and ayre. On the neutral side is the cary 308. Not knowing your budget I would recommend what worked for me, a museatex IDAT dac. It betters everything above and is not fatiguing at all abd doesnt sacrifice detail or bass control. It is only available used.
Hey pingpong-
Just curious which CDP you may have gone with. I got a MA6900 this week and am wondering aboutfuture CDP upgrades...
Hi Jclyle,

unfortunately my system buildup is delayed. For CDP, why don't you wait for Mcintosh latest SACDP MCD-201, to be released sometime around Christmas?