CDP for Focal 807V with Exposure 2010S preamp

Hi guys, new to buying (budget) hifi gear but always have been a music lover, from Beethoven to Nine Inch Nails to De La Soul.

My first setup is Focal 807V speakers with an Exposure 2010S preamp. I love this setup, works very well with my expectations of "hi fi" with all types of music, though at times it may be too bright. My current CDP is a Pioneer PDM455 I bought way back in college and finally died. I can describe this piece as "all over the place" soundwise, but can tell the overall system is too bright at times.

Any suggestions for matching my system to a CDP with a more balanced sound? I essentially think the speakers+preamp is a little too bright but cant tell if its my current CDP. Any help will be appreciated. Budget is $1000 but will wait longer if I must spend more to get the best possible sound.
I believe you mean integrated amp rather than preamp. I would buy the new Musical Fidelity decoder for $299 and use your current one as a transport. It preformed better than several units costing above $2000 in a recent test and should be available from retailers who have a return policy so you can see for yourself. Spend a reasonable amount on a cable, don't use optical.
Sorry , didn't see that your current one was nonfunctional. I would still get the Musical Fidelity and pair it with a good budget CD player such as a NAD [or others]. You will be very surprised at the improvement.
Thanks Stanwal, the Musical Fidelity wasnt even on my short list.

I will try it and let you know.

Thanks, RN