CDP DAC advice

Thanks to some great advices you guys gave me, I bought my first sound system last year. I spent most of my budget on my speakers so my setup is far from optimal. It is now time for a small upgrade.

Here's my setup :
Speakers: Paradigm Studio 100 v4
Integrated Amp: Marantz PM7001
CDP : oppo DV980h
TurnTable : Rega P1
I Also have a SqueezeBox Duet.

Even though I like my system, I feel like something's missing. The sound isn't quite what I expected. I'm sure the Oppo has a lot to do with it. I listen moslty to Jazz.

Here's my question :
Would I get a better sound upgrade by buying a good CDP or a good DAC?

I like the oppo because it plays virtually everything I feed it. I have few SACDs and a couple of DVDA.
I know a good DAC would be nice because I would be able to attach my squeezebox and my CDP but I'm afraid that the combinason OPPO+DAC won't be much of a improvement.

Keep in mind that my budget is not unlimited. I'd like to keep it in the lower 1000$.

Thanks for the advices!

Actually , if you read up on the Oppo , you may find that most use it as a transport !
Quite a few pair it with a DAC of their choice . Most of the complaints , about its sound , come from those using it as a stand alone unit .

Used , $1,000 should get you a pretty nice DAC .

Good luck .
You need a Dac for the Oppo to get there.Theres some good ones like BC3,Benchmark,Wavelength or that Havana in yer budget.Good luck,Bob
would suggest the electrocompient dac- very muscial
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I suggest you try out the PS Audio Digital Link III. I run it with the Oppo 980 and am very happy. 30 day in home trial if you buy from the website. God luck!
Thanks for all the advices guys!It's been really helpfull

I'll do a little research with all the DAC suggestions i got.

Maybe the Benchmark or even a DacMagic.


Yep,as Tgrisham says the PS Audio has the 30 day.Best place to start along with another to compare for the 30 then sell one and move on.In a couple months you have 3 done and can tell others where its at ,good luck,Bob