CDP Clock Replacement - did you upgrade yours ???

I recently asked if anyone had upgraded their CDP with the LC Audio LClock X03. I really would like to know what clock upgrade you have performed to your CDP, what you are hearing and was the upgrade worth it. Also, what other CDP upgrades do you think were worth the expense.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
Richard Kern installed an Audiocom Superclock 3 in my Audio Refinement player and the improvement was astonishing. Loaned it to a higher end shop for comparison and it competed with their stock players up to about $2500. I use it as a transport with a DAC.

Expected improvements in dynamics, openess and dynamics.
I've had the Audiocom SC2, SC3, and SC4 in my SCD-1, powered by stock DC, then SC3 power supply, then batteries. The clock is the single greatest improvement I've done among many mods. The SC4 is far ahead of the earlier generations, so I would guess that it betters most other aftermarket clocks. You might want to talk with Richard Kern/Audiocom, as I believe he has used the LC and Tent as well.

With upgrade to a good clock you will hear more transparency & resolution, dimensionality, bass control, and reduced digital glare & hardness.

I had my Rotel 1070 clock upgraded to a Audiocom Superclock II & like Dgarretson, I heard improvements across the board.
Other things to try (if not done so) are good support of the CDP for eg: Symposium RBs & EMI/RFI control ie: ERS Stillpoint paper.
Good luck..
My Shanling CDT100 had the Trichord 4 clock + never connected power suppy, with a clear improvement in clarity and detail
I have a "flea" clock in my Meridian 500 (see the PinkFish forums for more details). Cost was just £50, made a very sizeable improvement to the naturalness of my system. For the cost, why wouldn't you?