CDP build quality

My last two CDP have lasted under a year. They are "lower end" units costing just under a grand. Am I unlucky or is this the norm in this price range. I am shying away from buying a more expensive unit because of this problem. Also, my main (best sound) player is a TT which crushes the sound quality of my existing (now broken) player. As such, is it wiser to go the squeeze box route if I can't afford a 3K CDP. In final, my main player is the TT, although I did not use it as much as the CDP. Please help
Get an SB3 & DAC like Benchmark DAC 1. Or if you're lucky you could get ARC's DAC when it rarely appears. The convenience of browsing thru your music db from your listening position using SB3's remote is unbeatable.
I have had a total of three players since 1985. All retailed for under 1K. I sold the first after 4 yrs and bought a Denon 1520 in 1989. It still works. In 2000 I bought a Denon 1650 AR which I am currently using as a transport. The Denons had a great reputation for build quality, but I have to think your experience is atypical.
I'd be curious as to who made the faulty players. I'm looking to replace/upgrade my NAD C-541i which has served without a hitch for a few years and would like to know what to avoid.
since 1987 I have only had 1 player go bad out of perhaps 20 know you are only supposed to put CD'S in the drawer right? :)
I would burden the manufactorer with the dead units problems. I have never had ANY problem with the many units I own. (Yes, it is time to sell some. I just have too many).

Every time I see an original Rega Planet for sale I can only think, "That is still the best ergonomically engineered transport". I use it in complete darkness and never have scratched or misfed a disc. Mine has been playing a disc 24/7 since the day I bought it approximately one year after release.

Even my original Pioneer 6-pack changer still works for my brother who I give it to.

Others, used at the office, work room, theater, and playroom are two Toshiba dvd's (single and multi), a Yamaha 985 (still the best sound from a cheap player), and a Philips 963 sacd/dvd player.

I have NEVER had a problem with any. The secret - leave them on! (Unless they'll be unused for more then a week). Small components (even tubes) do not like to heat up and cool down.
I have never had a problem with these:

15 year old Sony
10 year old Denon
8 year old Denon
4 year old Classe
2 year old Njoe Tjoeb 400
2 week old Jolida

You got bad units and deserve compensation.
Yrs ago a friend had to ship his new Cary back 2 manybe 3X's for repairs.
NAD and Rotel avoid.
Try a non oversampling dac like the Lite DAC AH, 47 Labs, or Audionote with a good transport like the original Rega Planet. It won't beat your TT but the NOS dacs are very analog sounding.
>>Yrs ago a friend had to ship his new Cary back 2 manybe 3X's for repairs<<

Years ago is not an issue today; Cary is a reputable and reliable manufacturer.

Anything mechanical can fail.

I wouldn't take too much stock in this post.