cdp acting funny

Ocasionally my cdp does a funny "skip". It does it a couple of times a cd. It doesn't appear to skip, but it's almost like a power loss for a microsecond. When it does it my dac "blips" where it shows a signal coming in. The cdp is a CA 340 and my dac is a CA Dacmagic. I never have that problem when playing music from my computer, so I don't believe it's my dac and I never had it happen with my old cdp. Any ideas? All will be appreciated.
Do the same discs do this or is it random?If it's the same discs doing this they are either dirty or damaged.If not,well,that's beyond my knowledge.I'm sure some of the knowledgable folks here can give you some ideas.Good luck.
the pickup may be getting dirty; you can try using a CD laser lens cleaning disc. I have one from Audio Source. It has a tiny brush that rotates to clean the lens.

If you can access the pickup by opening the cover you might try a blast of clean "canned air".

If this doesn't help then the servo needs to see a technician.
Different cds.
I'll try your recommendations. Thanks for the tip.
possible I suppose it could be the cable or the connection from the CDP to DAC ... if the cleaing suggestions do not work try a diffrent cable or check the solder joints and/or tightness of your connections
You may have a simple fix .... I'll bet the lubricant on the rails that the laser sled rides on, has dried up, and is causing the laser sled to bind instead of moving freely along it's pathway.

When the laser binds and/or stops momentarily ... it losses lock with the data stream and it's ability to read the disc and skips until it can relock and read the data stream

Try cleaning and lubing up the rails that the laser sled rides on, and I'll bet that solves your problem
After the other suggestions I thought about that. I did the same on another one a few years ago. Tried to do it tonight, but the top of my player requires a Torx head. I have down to a T10 Torx and it's smaller than that. I'll pick some smaller ones up tomorrw and try it. Thanks to all for your responses.
FYI some torx are metric too
Well the screws on the top of the cdp are a T6 bit. I cleaned off the laser and on the track the laser ran there appeared to be some build-up near the end where the laser sat at rest. I cleaned that off and lubed the track. Now off to play some misic and see how it does.