CDP 2K for Cary sli80 Shearwater H.R.

Okay, time to ditch the last of the mid-fi links in my system, (Marantz cd63se). I'm hoping for even better soundstage & naturalness. I've heard nice things about the Cary 303, but its a little more than I want to spend. The Planet & otheres in the 1K range may even give me a nice improvement, so perhaps I can save a little $. What'ya think?
I have a Cary 303 with the SLI80 and B&W 805N and really like the combo. Upscale Audio in CA gave me a great deal a few months ago. But I have also hooked up my Rotel 991 at less than half the price and I could easily live with that combo too if money were the deciding factor. I feel they are both very smooth, with good bass. The difference seems to be that I don't want to turn the Cary off and leave the room, for anything! I have less trouble leaving the Rotel and going out to face the world. Don't know if this helps, but it's all I know. I have not heard any Rega products.
For the budget audiophile check out the Cambridge D500SE. Availble at a discount from Certainly about 90% of most high-end players.