CD won't Rip

I have a 2010 Mac Mini thats works great but today I tried to rip the Living Stereo disc Saint Saens organ symphony by Munch/Boston symphony. I inserted the disc , it made a few fluttering noises and then ejected the disc. I ripped a few more discs and they worked fine. Is there a copywrite guard on this disc ??
Sometimes a CD doesn't agree with a certain drive. I don't know why, only that it happens to me on occasion. Try it on a different machine.
Is it hybrid disc? CD drives sometimes do not like them. I have had the same problem on some regular CDs. As Zd542 said, try a different drive if you can.
Of some 400+ CDs I have ripped, only 2 were not accepted by a disk drive. Both of these would play in a disk player. Don't know why.