CD vs. Vinyl

I've personally had to opportunity to listen to identical music on vinyl and CD on an extremely high end system, possibly a seven figure system, and certainly recognized the stark difference between the vinyl sound and a CD.

What makes this difference? Here are three situation to consider assuming the same piece of music:

(1) An original analogue recording on a vinyl vs. an A/D CD

(2) An original analogue recording on vinyl vs. an original digital recording on CD

(3) An original digial recording on CD vs. a D/A recording on vinyl

I wonder if the sound of vinyl is in some ways similar to the "color" of speakers? It's not so much of an information difference, just the sound of the medium?

Any thoughts?
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Not always. As a designer, I always strive for ease of use and a great UI. If equipment is difficult to use, consumers gravitate to the competitors. Look at the success of Apple. Quality products, great design and interfaces on their products. I wouldn't say a Dell is higher end than Apple because it's more cumbersome and difficult to use.
S23chang, unfortunately that is a very bad example and for a couple reasons.

First, this particular album, "Introducing the Beatles" is basically a sonic nightmare to begin with. First pressings are no better than later pressings.

Second, there are many original copies of "Introducing the Beatles" floating around. The very rare and collectible versions have back covers not often seen. The first is called the "ad back" cover and the second is called the "blank back" cover. Do a little digging and you can learn more about these covers and the history of the album. The information is readily available; the album has a fascinating history.

Hope that helps.
I am not even referring to playback experience. It is true that bad press makes bad playback just like any CD recordings as well.

A better MC can track way better than the low end MM. We don't need to open a can of warms here as you want to compare it to the digital artifact.

As far as example goes, you can find the TAS recommanded list from the earlier recordings which never made to digital format.

sounds like some folks here are more interest in personal opinon rather than the facts about the source.
>>07-22-10: S23chang
A better MC can track way better than the low end MM<<


A better MM can track way better than a low end MC.

Oh, yes, back to the topic.... CD Vs. Vinyl, let me state , emphatically, that in my many many years of playing music and evaluating various equipments at my personal disposal in... "yawn"... umm, where was I? oh yes, I find that there is always, unavoidably, discrepancies, and variations between the... Yawn, Oh my!
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