CD vs Phono Volume

My preferred phono listening volume is “65 out of 100”
Equivalent volume with CD is “50 out of 100”
Phono stage is set to loading suggested by cartridge manufacturer.
Similiar or different to others systems?
All over the map. What position the volume control is at is the most irrelevant thing in all of audio. It has nothing to do with cartridge loading by the way. All it means is the total output of the cartridge through the phono stage is lower than the output from the CDP. If/when some day you change to a higher output cartridge, or a phono stage with a higher gain, or a CDP with a lower output, or a variable output that you turn down, this will all change.
Millercarbon is correct, but you do have options.   One option is building a small box with a volume control pot and a couple of RCA jacks in it and plug it into the tape loop circuit of the preamp.   Tweak it to match the CD volume, then hit the monitor when you listen to phono and never have to mess with the volume control again.   Another option is getting a phono preamp with adjustable gain.    And, of course, the easy option, just live with the annoyance, which is what I do.