CD vs internet and DAC

can you achieve the same sound qualities out of a good DAC with a digital source like Tidal out of a computer as you can from a CD from a good CD player like a Krell Evolution 505?

the system would feed into a Krell HTS 7.1 (as preamp only), Aragon 8008, and ML SL3's.

That's a good question and you'll probably get a variety of responses. My personal experience is that a CD 'fully tweaked' still sounds the best. 'Tweaking' is an art/science which can include a cleaning agent such as Optrix or Shinola, demagnetizing with a device such as the Bedini Clarifier, beveling and painting the edge, etc. I typically use at least a three stage process before a serious listening session (sometimes more). Most of the really good tweaks are cumulative meaning that the sound keeps getting more resolved and involving with each step.

Other digital sources can be really good as well, but the CD remains the 'hands-on' favorite for me.
I just recently purchased a Bryston BDP-2 and it sounds better than any CD player I ever had coming through my DAC.
Hello Sarge,
I've been streaming Tidal through a decent USB cable from a MacBook Pro, then to a Parasound ZDAC, then from its balanced outs to a Luxman L-550ax integrated. CD's play from an Oppo BDP 103. The Oppo is great but not maybe comparable to your Krell. Indeed, the calibre of you entire stereo may be a notch or two higher than mine, but yes...I find that streaming from Tidal, (or playing music from my MacBook using Pure Music) is at least as good as playing CD's. Often I'll cue up music on Tidal that I might already own on CD out of convenience.