CD upgrade opinions?

I currently have a Meridian 507 which has served me well, but I want a more analogue sound, more airy staging, and greater resolution and detail. In other words: A BETTER PLAYER!

My choices so far are a used Lector mki or new Rega Saturn. I will hear a highly recommended Naim this weekend. The model slips my mind, it retails for about $3000. I am told it beats the Rega, but I am sceptical.

What is the general consensus fellow audiophiles?
i would go esoteric
You could also look at an outboard D/A convertor.
A consult from the http://www.theupgradecompany about your current player or with the attended Esoteric is worthwhile.
My opinion is that if you wish for more a analog sounding cdp, (within your budget, or close to it), you could go with the following units:

For very good sound, (and the best bang for the buck):
A used Resolution Audio Opus 21 (they typically run around $2300 used). This is a incredible unit for the money, IMHO. It is detailed, and yet not very digital sounding;

or for slightly better sound:
The Audio Aero Captitole II (they typically run around $3,500 used), this unit sounds slightly more analog than the Opus 21. (My only objection to this unit is that it is a top loader, and I disliked using the puck. But that is my opinion. Sonically, it is very, very good);

Or for the best sound (supposedly, as I have not heard it myself, but based on opinions I value), a fully modded GNSC Opus 21, (used they go from around $3,500). However, it is a modded unit, and some people are leery of buying modded units. (FYI, Jeff Kalt @ Resolution Audio approves of the mods done by GNSC, and will actually do maintenance work on the modded unit. Jeff is a pretty cool guy, IMHO!)

My two cents worth anyway.
what you've described is a meridian 507...that said, the rega staurn plays way, way over its price. at this point in the redbook party, the 507 may be as good as most too.
Ayre CX-7e
When I was looking for a new cd player I compared the Rega Saturn against the Esoteric sa-10. The Rega was very dry sounding to me and the Esoteric was better but with too much detail. Adding the g0 external clock helped tremendously but still had that digital sound (not to mention what it added to the price). I ended up with the Meridian g08 and couldnt be happier. The soundstage and imaging is fantastic (at its price point). I havent heard the 507 so I cant comment there. I would recommend demo-ing a g08 in your home or bring the 507 with you to a meridian dealer and comparing the 2 side by side.
The problem is to find a dealer where I can A/b all these wonderful players. Everything mentioned here deserves a listen, but in the same room. Anyone know of such a place within 60 miles of New York City?
Lyric on the Upper East Side has Rega and I think Esoteric. Stereo Exchange downtown has Ayre. Not sure on Meridian or Resolution. Will be tough to get them all in the same room on the same equipment.
I have repalced 2-3 times more expensive CD players with the Raysonic 168. It has variable balanced tube outs which is so good, I no use my preamp
This is a very simple decision. Go for a Reference Audio
Mods E-Sound Signature edition. For $2,995 you get enough
mods for the E-Sound player, to beat anything stock under $10,000. I have the $5,995 version, which is the best sounding CD player, that I have heard, at any price.

I feed mine directly into a power amp, with a passive volume
control built in. It's an Art Audio Carissa Signature 845
based amp. It looks gorgeous, and sounds even better, than it

RAM, is owned by Kyle, usually a pleasant enough guy.

You kind of have to beg a little, flattery a must, because
Kyle is a multi-millionaire, who really doesn't need any of us. Mention Cary and he will charge you between 10 and 15%
I agree with Tweek1 only went with the fully modded 128.Beautiful sound top to bottom.

Best of luck,Bob