CD UPGRADE $5000.00-$7000.00 RANGE

Lately I have been reading good things about the following CD players:

1. Resolution Audio Opus 21 modified by Great Northern sound, reference mod $5000.00
2. Esoteric X-03-$7700.00
3. Ayxe-Cx-5-Approx $5000.00

Has anybody compared or heard any of the above three?
Would appreciate any opinions regarding the above or another choice in my price range. Would prefer SACD capability which I believe would be available in the Esoteric and the Ayre.
My favorite, and reference, is the Naim CDX2 @$5350 with an amazing upgrade path by adding the Naim XPSII power-suppy. You can read my review of the CDX2 and the recently posted review of the XPSII at

Yes, I am bias. But it truly is a great player and with the XPSII it can be raised to a whole new level when you are ready.

I would suggest you add Audio Research CD3 MkII to that list. Redbook only but what a sound! I just got it. The only drawback for some people would be that it is a top loader. If you have top shelf available for a cd player it's no problem then. On redbook performance this unit may outperform some more expensive SACD players especially when through the balanced outputs. Best of luck.