CD Upgrade

I have a Rotel RCD-855 CD player which is beginning to give mechaical trouble. I am looking to replace it with something in the $400-700 range and would appreciate any advice I can get. Can I get something in that range which will have an audible improvement over my current system ? My other components are a Marantz PM84D Integrated amp (purchased used for $400 recently to replace my Adcom GFP 455 Pre and B&K 202 amp) and Vandersteen 2Ce's. The interconnect between the amp and cd player is Kimber PBJ. The speaker cables (bi-wire) are Radioshack intertwined copper with transperant flexible plastic sheathing (about $2/foot). I like the Vandersteens very much. I like the PM84D very much too, but wonder if there are electronics out there now which may be significantly superior at a reasonable price. Also any advice on cables ? I listen to mostly classical music.
i would get the used Linn Mimik. Great quality and the sound is great too...Linn's entry level CD player recently replaced with Genki $1700. You can find Mimik for $600.
Used is good if you stay with nice equipment and within a year or two old. The Mimik is a very nice cd player but I wouldn't put it up there with some of the other models at that price point (I had it in a mostly Linn system at the time). I'd look at the Rega Planet. You can get one new for about $800 I think. Used, I'm not sure. Another option is to use a DVD player as a transport and get something like the MSB LinkDAC. For CDPs to look at used: Classe 0.5, CAL CL-10, Arcam 8SE or 9, are a few good choices. I'm sure there are many more out there in this price range. Check out some reviews online or in Stereophile. On your system, you really need to upgrade your speaker cables. Believe me, this will make a huge difference. Look into getting a set of Kimber 4TC's or, if your budget permits, 8TCs. This should help your sound tremendously. Shawn Harvey
I'm afraid I don't have experience with the RCD-855 directly, but I have done a comparison between my friends Rotel RCD-965BX and my Sony XA20ES. The Sony was much better, giving more low level detail, better bass control, and cleaner, more distinct highs. At $700 list, I think this is one of the better CD players < $1000. But as with anything, listen for your self first.