CD transports or players

I am wanting to upgrade my cd Player. 
Recently added a Jolida - FX Tube DAC III. What transports or players will be a good fit for this. Buy new or used is not a problem, am wanting to spend no more than a $1200.00.   Please let me know your recommendations. 

What do you think about ripping the cd collection and using a hard drive and streamer device to feed the DAC?  There have been so many advances in this method, and some great products available.  I believe the consensus is that a hard drive based digital music system is more desirable than a cd transport these days, in most cases.
I bought a used Rega Apollo and a McCormack Transport, both perform well and are well under $1200 used.
I use a Schiit Bifrost to play my streaming music, and I have to say that sometimes I prefer it to CD's. I love the ease and accessibility of streaming music. I can also audition albums that I would ordinarily would not have considered purchasing.
To date, I am using Pandora, Spotify, and Classics Online. 
As marktomaras points out, you can also rip your collection to hard drive.
I purchased JRiver for that task and I like it, too.

Any decent quality transport will do, just use a proper quality digital 75ohm coax cable to your Jolida,, as many are 100ohms, make sure they specify 75ohms.

You need also to be careful using the Jolida - FX Tube DAC III is a bit flawed in my opinion, as it’s 12AX7 output stage is apparently 3kohm!!! output impedance way higher than the norm, and use low capacitance interconnects otherwise you could roll off the highs, (where most dacs/cdp’s are 100ohms or less output impedance). You need to watch out what input load of the next stage it is going to see as well with it's 3kohm output impedance.

Cheers George

I got an April Stella for $750 for a 2nd system and am very happy with it.