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Greetings. I am setting up a second system for the basement and am using a 1978 Sherwood receiver. At first I was going to just use the turntable with it and play the tuner occasionally but then thought I'd like to play some CDs. In my main system I have a Rega Apollo R hooked up to an Exogal Comet/Ion. Clearly I don't need the DAC in the Rega so I reasoned that it may be better to transfer the unit to the basement and get a transport, namely the Cambridge Audio CXC, for the upstairs primo set-up. Does that sound reasonable? The CD format is moribund so I don't see the point of getting a top dollar one--most of my CDs are ripped on the laptop and I just kept some rare European favorites. I was also tempted to buy a 1995 Marantz CC 45 5-CD player for the basement, but it is probably not such a great performer. Do I reason correctly that the CXC is my best option? I think the DAC in their Topaz player is not as good but that sounds like a decent player too. Thanks for advice. rt
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A couple of other things to consider which may, or may not matter to you but should be taken into account.

1) A remote. Does it have one? is it a flimsy, plastically, cluttered, poorly laid out affair or something that has been well designed in a solid, metal case with useful, but uncluttered features? 

2) The display. Is it legible at your listening position? Does it contain the information you feel is important or is it cluttered with too much unimportant data? Is it dimmable or can it be turned off? Does it clash with the displays on your other components?

3) The case. Is it a weighty, all metal case that "feels" like a quality piece our is it a plastic lightweight? Does it have an appearance that is pleasing and compatible with your other components.

Again, if sound quality and reliability are all that you care about, then these things don't matter. However, not giving such things consideration could detract from what would otherwise be a satisfactory purchase.
J. Chip