CD/Transport W/ External DAC

I have been using my cd player(carin fog) as a transport and has since died and gone to cd heaven. I was and will be using a Benchmark Dac1 as the Dac. My Question is there a sonic diference in using a cheap cdp under $1000 vs one in the $2000 range if it will only be used as a transport.
Thanks for your help
Yes, definitely......... transports are the start of the music chain. Information not retrieve at this stage will never be recovered at a later stage. A better (or more expensive??) built transport will minimise this. Do not neglect the importance of supports for the transport as well for eg: Aurios MIBs or Symposium RBs. IMO this should be factored into the cost of buying the new CDP........ enjoy.
I recently acquired a Vecteur L 4.2 CD player. After listening to it as a player and as a transport (into my Audio Note DAC 1 Signature) I have found that the unit functions best with the Audio Note DAC.


Thanks for all your responses,I will now be on the look out for a better CDP or Tranport. Any sugestions?
Faz, CEC are good transport well made, top loading,
I have one, but I thought of selling it many times,
I know for the money I will get, Its not worth it,
My plan is send it to Modwright for transport
mod, and I am thinking of buying audio note DAC.
Sony 9000 es is a good choice too.GOOD LUCK.