CD transport vs.streaming

Many have stated on this forum that the SQ from their CDs is superior to the sound from streaming sources. Others have said the opposite. Weirdly, in side by side identical tracks the sound from my Cyrus CDt sounds identical to my Cambridge CXN v2 streamer. I wonder if anyone else has this experience.


With my Experience CD or DSD Physical media usually sounds better than its equivalent of the same song being streamed


Great point!  

Honestly, equipment sounds better than many live events I've been, and with workable price-points!!  As far as the OP is concerned ... I can't discern a difference between SACD, CD or streaming ... all good!

In these streaming versus physical media discussions I think we should also consider that the reimbursement rates (pennies) to the artists for their creativity and work are such in most streaming options that the artists can not make a decent living. It is especially hard when ability to offer live concerts is being thwarted by Covid restrictions. Besides fairness issues it may well result in much less  new artistic material being made over time.

Play Hard Copy SACD’s and CD’s? (I’ve got a whole hellofa lot of them).

Beyond the digital source, after content and recording: it’s a recipe of various: Processor(s); Over clocking, Over sampling; Anti-Jitter, .... that you hear.

I think of ’Preferred’ and ’BETTER’.

1. BETTER: Get thee a Sony xa5400ES (SACD and CD).

Improves the sound of Every CD and processes SACD DSD without PCM conversion.

me: "FUNDAMENTALS. I think there is a tighter, firmer, more solid, ... start to the fundamental of Each and Every Note. Improved overtones, volume and time decay all follow that BETTER start. I have never heard a CD sound so good anywhere.

before I found the Sony:

Preferred: CD

2. Onkyo Integra CDC-3.4 Mark II Changer

I highly recommend the sound of this with it’s dual Wolfson processors and all of Onkyo/Integra’s tricks applied.

How to describe the difference: Like my AT33PTG/II cartridge, compared to any cartridge with less tight channel balance, EVERYTHING is a speck more distinct. Not bright, not sharp, a very thin veil removed allowing refined clarity. Imaging is the same width, but within that, main vocal, backup singers, specific musicians, simultaneously more precise.

A small improvement to EVERYTHING, is a LOT!!!

3. Preferred SACD and CD, I chose Yamaha DVD-C961 DVD Changer

me: "The DVD-C961 has four two-channel Burr Brown 192kHz/24-bit DACs for the stereo and 5.1-channel output sections to provide absolute sonic transparency."

It sounds terrific, as good as the former winner, Integra CDC-3.4 mark II which I will now sell. Different Processors, Different OEM Bag-O-Tricks whatever they are."


the quest

Sony xa5400ES


DSD converted to PCM???


Better CD Sound




Thanks for your post but I think you completely miss the point of this discussion. This isn’t a discussion about CD vs SACD or DSD vs PCM:-)