CD transport under $1000

I'm considering a CD transport with coax digital output for use with an APL Denon 3910 DAC.

There have been a couple threads on this topic, but I'm wondering if the suggestions may have changed over time.

Reliability and serviceability are important considerations.

$1000 or less. New or used.

Thanks in advance.
Have you considered a computer? I have a 47 Labs system (which I can highly recommend their transports), but I use my Apple Mac and a HagUSB most the time. The quality and simplicity is great.

Just a thought....
I have had my CEC TL2 now for more than five years, and have never even considered a feeling of regret. Within my experience, this has been a very good bang-for-the-buck purchase, and IMO is at least as significant as DAC selection.

Reliability: CECs reputation preceeds it. Service: One service location in the US, close to your back yard (Campbell, CA). Nick Gowan is a real pro.

TL2s come with AES/EBU and coax, and some with ST Optical. I prefer AES/EBU to Coax. Wish I had ST Optical.

Wish you were closer, I would happily bring it for a demo. It would be a pleasure to meet you. I have been reading your knowledgeble posts for a number of years.
Thanks, Jeffcott. I'll look into a CEC.

I have a computer source. Not interested in it for reference listening.

Sources I have been rolling around in my head are: Sony DVP7700ES, Doge 6, OPPO...

Forgot to mention, ability to play burned CDs is a must.
Surprised to hear you say that Tvad.I guess you put your emphasis on CD playback rather than hard drive,cool,Bob
Tvad, did you see THIS when you were looking at the Doge?

Nice architecture, good components. Looks like a tank. Plus Joe will give you thirty days to give it a shot....

Not sure about CDr's though.
I did see that, yes. A top loader isn't ideal in my set-up.
I used an Oppo HD980 as a transport and for cd playback. No problems with the sonics when used as a transport but it wasn't the most feature friendly to use. It's now sitting in the living room hooked to the tv for the occasional dvd.
On the plus side the Oppo is cheap so you won't lose much if you don't like it.
I've been using an Oppo while I wait forever for my new CDP from a certain manufacturer. I don't recommend the Oppo, at least not the 971 I'm using -- the ergonomics suck and the sound as a transport seems okay at best. I'm tempted to pick up a used Simaudio Equinox, which appears to offer an exceptional user experience. And if you wait a few months, the new PS Audio should be shipping. It looks like it could be a game-changer, but is double your budget.

(I'm trying to figure out how to get sound from a computer-based system that betters a transport. Because of the availability of high-res downloads, it seems the way for audiophiles to go.)

Have you tried any transports into the DAC-in on your Denon? I'm curious how good that unit is as a DAC-only.
Have you tried any transports into the DAC-in on your Denon? I'm curious how good that unit is as a DAC-only.
Drubin (Threads | Answers)
I've only used a Squeezebox into the APL's DAC. Sounds very, very good. I believe most of the bang-for-the-buck in the APL is the DAC. I could be mistaken.

It plays 95% of my CDs. I want something fairly inexpensive to play the other 5% of my redbook CDs, and the increasing number of burned CDs it will not play.

I can also likely have Alex replace the laser assembly, but I'm interested in options.
A further on CEC. All of them (at least among the TL0, TL1 & TL2) are TOP Loaders. They all use a suspended drive mechanism with a top loading puck. As far as CDRs, based upon my experience there is no problem.
Took a chance on a modded Music Hall CD25.2.

I strongly considered a CEC, but the price was more than I wanted to spend for a part time, back-up transport.

Thanks for the suggestions.
The Music Hall CD25.2T (Parts Connexion transport mod) sounds pretty good using the APL Denon 3910's DAC. I find it actually has more heft than the APL alone, although the top end is slightly more grainy.

I'm using a Stereovox XV2 digital interconnect and a Volex power cord on the 25.2.

Anybody have a suggestion for a digital cable, or for a power cord that works well on the CD25.2? I have an Oyaide Tunami GPX power cord on the way to try.