I step in and out of the 'must upgrade arena', this is seemingly for the reason.         I am new to using Digital as a Source within the Main System, with only a few+ years of CD in use as a Source.

I moved quite swiftly from CDP to CDT > DAC and have a Bespoke Built Valve Rectified / Valve Output DAC, with a PS Audio Perfect Wave Memory Player.  

I have heard with a intention to evaluate more DAC's than Transports and a few other CDP Models over the period of time I have been using a Digital Source.

Recently a friend put their own designed DAC with a Build Cost of approx' £350  out for a Demonstration and undergo comparison with other Digital Devices to be used.

The outcome of this has been a Denafrips Venus II owned by a HiFi Dealer as their personal DAC, is now wanting to depart from the DAC and the own design DAC owner is keen to experience my Set Up in use in their own system, as they feel the Transport can be found for very fair money used and can have real potential.

For me, It will be good to sit down and Compare my Transport > DAC with another DAC in a system I am quite familiar with.

The idea of getting out and receiving demonstrations of equipment, is in my view, the only method to aide the OP in attaining the New Experience of produced sound they are hoping to achieve.

When discoveries are made that are attractive, if a Home Demo' is achievable, the experience will be very valuable in making a assessment for a purchase.   


You are correct it does seem to be well made while it also seems to buck the notion good gear is to have a substantial foot print.  The Benchmark LA4 pre is also not very big but is a joy to own. (got one after hearing it used in another enthusiasts system.)  The RS2T has totally transformed my cd collection, exactly what I was hoping for. Even lesser discs sound better. Listening to tracks that I used to bypass. Now plan to scour used racks at "record" stores for bargain, high quality sound.   So glad the issue seems to have disappeared. Oh, am definitely going to snag a linear power supply. 


The RS2T has totally transformed my cd collection, exactly what I was hoping for

Yes. This is why in my own way I’ve tried to spread the awareness of the RS2T.  For those listeners who enjoy physical CD media and high quality Redbook CD sound, this transport is a superb sounding option.

I understand your point about size/weight/footprint etc. Pro-Ject explicitly explains small “box”  compactness was their product goal. Diminutive physically and big sonically. They achieved their objective with flying colors.



I don't have the budget a lot of you folks have; my DAC is a Gustard X16 and it has appreciated the changing of coax cables from my transports. My first was a Sppo 103D which also allowed me to play SACD through it. My second was an Emotiva ERC3D which made a fantastic transport but the drives themselves only last about 3 years. Now that I but the drives from Emotiva direct it's not a huge cost. While I was waiting for a drive to show up I configured an older Pioneer Elite DV-47A for nothing but CD?SACD and digital out.  It sounds really well, especially at the price.  I'm trying to swing Audiolab 6000CDT to try out next,  I'm still amazed at how much the coax cable makes a difference considering we're talking digital frequencies here.

I have been few a variety of Cables over the years, exchanging OFC Wire Cables for OCC Copper/Silver Wire Cables.

Most recently OCC Copper/Silver has been superseded by PC Triple C Wire and D.U.C.C Wire that is used in Cables.

The D.U.C.C Wire used in a Cable has worked excellently as a CDT>DAC Umbilical COAX. The D.U.C.C Wire Cable superseded Mapleshade Ribbon Cables.

I was also a user of Mapleshade Clearview Double Helix Speaker Cable.

The Mapleshade Speaker Cable was Trialed in a line up of Cables at a Bake Off on a well known system. Speaker Cables were present up to £1500 per pair.

The Mapleshade Cables used in this system came in as a unanimously agreed by the attendees, Joint First Place on this system.

The Mapleshade Cables are superseded in my system today with PC Triple C Wire used in the Speaker Cable. 

When in comes to Umbilical Connection, I have recently been demonstrated on a Ponostage by the designer /owner the impact a Pure Copper Low Eddy RCA Chassis Mounted Connector can have on the SQ.

Two identical Schematic > Topology Phonostages were available, with the only differences being one has a Pure Copper RCA the other has a Pure Copper Low Eddy RCA Connector   

Along with the Chassis Mounted Connector there were Two Identical Cables, where one was with the Producers RCA Connector and the other with a Low Eddy RCA as a exchange RCA Connector.

The differences detected was substantial and for the better.

The Cables used on the Chassis Mounted Copper RCA was quite obvious the Low Eddy cleaned up the presentation to a much more attractive SQ.

The Cables used on the Pure Copper Low Eddy Chassis, was quite something to experience, the Producers Cable>RCA was used first and it was a good presentation.

When the Cable was exchanged to the Low Eddy RCA Connector, the magic occurred, the X Factor was presented, there was no going back to compare again, it was blatantly perceivable the betterment was present.

As the owner suggested, imagine doing this all again with a few hundred usage hours on the Phon' and Cables.

If a DAC > CDT has a device out of a warranty period and they are willing to tweak to extract a little more, this is a very cost effective way to investigate, and one that can be achieved with relative ease.