CD transport recommendations

Old system:
All CDs ripped lossless using dbPowerAmp, and played back using M1Clic streamed from dedicated hard drive. No CD player or other transport.

New System:
Replacing the M1Clic with the Moon 380D w/ balanced and Mind options.

I am thinking I want to add a CD transport to be able to play the occasional CD disc. What transport should I consider to do the 380D justice?

This is a dedicated 2-ch system with Moon preamp, amp. Frey interconnects. Focal 1008 Electra speakers. Shunyata power cords & Hydra alpha. REL 528.
Just bought a transport... CEC TL1X, probably one of the best ever made...
EAD T1000 or Meridian 500
+1 on the CEC.
Hi Fje00,

you will get a lot of right suggestions but, IMHO, there are 3 CDT to do your DAC really justice:

Metronome Technologie T2A Signature (Two Box)

Metronome Technologie T3A Signature (One Box)

Metronome Technologie T5a Signature (One Box)

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I've been looking for a used CD transport (cec among others) for a while now. Ever notice how the computer server users talk about how the sound is as good or better than cd transports but you hardly ever see any of the used top cd transports for sale? Not trying to start an argument... just sayin.
"Ever notice how the computer server users talk about how the sound is as good or better than cd transports but you hardly ever see any of the used top cd transports for sale?"

Thats a very good point. To add to it, I do see a lot of server fans think its a better sounding way to go. In almost every case, though, they fail to say why. I'd like to hear a more detailed assessment on their part. Theres nothing wrong with having that opinion, but I wish they would explain in more detail.
For the money, you can't beat the PSAudio PerfectWave transport, IMHO. I've seen them used for as little as $1300. I've owned CEC and Meitner transports and auditioned Esoteric and Consonance transports and the PWT beat them all.

Its jitter and noise measurements are vanishingly low and I've not had a single issue with mine in three years. Both the CEC and Meitner transports developed either belt or lazer problems. The PWT is musical, affordable and reliable. You may find a cheaper transport, but you'll have to spend a great deal more money to best the PWT.
I've got an EAD T1000 (Pioneer stable platter) and have always loved it. It plays every redbook cd I can put in it. ST optical out and coax digital out. I recently put it away since getting a squeezebox touch so...It's for sale. 8/10 shape and remote. Had a parasound top load transport for awhile and loved it as well but it was finiky about certain burned disc's. Not the EAD. Let me know if anyone is interested in buying or trading.
Zd, I'm with ya.
The reason is because properly done computer based audio/transport is more 3D sounding. Every CD player or dac/transport I have owned sounds flat in comparison. The other big area of improvement is less, far less digiital noise. You don't even know its there until it is gone.These are the two big improvements found with properly executed computer based transports. Like turntables however everything matters and to achieve this sound one must read up and be educated.

The improvement was obvious and immediate to me based on my history with traditional digital. I was not a believer in computer based audio and held out mostly out of fear and ignorance to be honest. Well, I decided to stretch myself and the sound on the other sides indeed better, Yes, it takes work and effort and knowledge.

Those who have truly broke through universally experience what I have stated above. It will only continue to get better and better so go,ahead and start learning. A,aging sound and just as amazing convenience.

Transport and CD players still sound wonderful and I love them. I am just saying it as it is.

FYI, yes I have owned or listened to all of the top, most respected players like the top of line Ayre, Cary 306, $8,000 Esoteric, highly modified Sony SACD player etc.....had belt drive transports with very good dacs. Yes, they all sounded wonderful, but they take a back seat to computer based audio done right. I liked the Marantz SA7 and my TRL modified Sony the most for the analog type sound, but not as good as computer audio.

Steve of Empirical Audio can tell you the technical reasons and has done so numerous times in threads here on Agon. Read his stuff and learn. Great stuff and he has put in the hours to become an expert.
Sorry for the typos. Well, I have not tried all top CD players etc....but many top rated ones:-)

Have fun learning and do read Steve's stuff from Empirical Audio.

Thanks. I don't know if I agree or disagree with you yet, but at least your giving us some good, usable info to go on. Also, the list of actual CD player models you use for comparison, I think, is very helpful. Thanks again.
Agree with Vhiner, the PS Audio PWT is excellent. I`ve heard a number well set up computer front ends and some did sound quite good.None were any 'better' than the PWT.To be fair though the PWT is a memory based unit rather than a read on the fly laser transport. The sound is natural and right, music not hifi.
Get a 2009 Mac Mini and purchase a Mojo Audio power supply for it. Read up on how to optimize it for music only. Also, the Mini should only play music from the SSD drive. I got a 256 SSD drive for it. I paid $1400 total and the combo is killer. Killer!

I use my iPad as a remote and can find and play any song or album in seconds.

Use the Amarra version that Steve at Empirical suggests as it sounds best. It is not the latest release, but an older one.

With a good dac you are in business.
Ditto CEC TL-1X. Mine is modded by RAM and refreshed by True Sound, and it makes magnificient, stately sound. No "digititis" here.

Owned a CEC 51, 5100 and years ago a Panasonic belt drive unit CEC made for them. All sounded very good indeed. They do not however offer the same 3D stage and black background as the best implemented computer based transports.

The times they are a changing!
The CEC TL1X is indeed pitch black background and perfectly 3D... The TL5100 wasn't in the same league... mind you, not bad at all, but to the same level
You are correct. The 1X is better for sure.
Here's a great site for CEC transports, his mods are fantastic, without changing any of the inherent characters of the transport.
There is no question that CEC transports are good...I've owned and auditioned several. However, what you have to pay for their top-of-the-line models simply does not result in a decent "bang for the buck" when you compare what you can get with a PWT or a computer based source, IMHO. The CEC units' belts wear out and getting service for them is becoming increasingly difficult. I know because when my TL5100 developed a read out issue, I spent months tracking someone down who'd give a go at it without a schematic. I wouldn't pay more than $1500 for ANY stand-alone transport in 2013.
Anyone with first hand experience with the newish Bel Canto CD3T transport? Very few reviews, but what there is is all good.
You could pay $10,000 for a stand alone transport and it will not be as good as today's better and more affordable options. Yes, they will still be very good.