CD Transport recommandation

Has any one compared the CEC TLO-X vs Audiomeca Mephisto II-X CD Transport? Is the CEC TL0_X really worth the money compared to the CEC TL1-X? Has anyone heard the new kid on the block, CHORD Blu CD Transport? [I own currently a Chord DAC64 that I am using with a Linn IKEMI]
Any recommandation? Regards,

I too have the ikemi and dac64. I was wondering the opposite do I need that much tranport for that dac? So now I am wondering what your goal is are you going to replace the dac also? Or do you just want a dedicated transport? I feel the combination of the two is outstanding and I am having a hard time coming up with replacements that don't cost two to three times more than what we have now.
try a Barcley transport.
I have heard ikemi with dac64 and blu with dac64.
I felt the blu gave noticeably better image,depth,width and detail.....however the ikemi sounds to be more transparent & up front.
The blu is warmer in sound.
DVD players make excellent transports once modded. They typically beat CD-only players hands-down. They have the advantage of high-precision mechanisms and servo control systems for DVD's and with some players, like Sony and Philips, there are two lasers, one optimised for CD and one for DVD. This gives you the best of both formats. I highly recommend Sony DVP-S7700, DVP-S9000es and Philips 963SA as transports. All of these can be picked-up quite cheaply used on ebay or Audiogon.

However, all players have significant jitter on the S/PDIF output, so they need modding to fix this.
For approximatedly $900 used, the new 47 Labs Shigaraki transport, smooth, flawless reader that read strange discs...great low end. Pair this up with an affordable, but world class ScottDixon DAC that is ALL the rage now. No DVD player, which I have used as transport (2 Panasonics) unit yesterday can ever hold a candle to it.