cd transport life ecpectancy

I wonder what's the ecpected life of a cd mechanism .
I own a transport based on PHILIPS CDM-3 that according to the previous owner has few hours on it,and judging by it's general appearance of the unit(I just bought it) it seems to be in tip top shape.I plan to keep my unit. I was told 3000 hours life ecpectancy on the cdm-3 but I think of that to be rather low . There is a used cdm-3 on sale ,should I buy it for spare? or just leave it alone and if it breaks then I worry about it.I understand that cdm-3 is no longer in production and finding one is a difficult task.
Your ,opinions, please are welcome.
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I had a Sony ES89 5 disc changer, that was left on every day all day while I was at work (for my pets, and then also used by me when I got home, averaging 70 hours of use a week, for about ten years... 36,000 hours. and what killed it was only that the wiring from the rotating sled to the circuitboard developed a fault. THAT is a lot of time.
My personal experience is that Philips or Philips based units don't last as long as other units. 3000 hours seems very short to me for any CD player though. Sean
I've heard 10,000 hours minimum. I've had a Meridian transport for about 12 years with nary a problem.
Yioryos, the mechanism isn't the trouble it is the lasers. They things are like tubes, they wear out and need to be replaced regularly. I run my transport, Pioneer based, 24/7 as nothing to listen to on the radio and get 4-5 years on a laser which takes 20 minutes to replace for about $65.......Having the laser replaced by a repair shop might run $150-200 I imagine.
Ihave used a Philips CD-80 with a CDM-1 Transport Mech since 1989 I think. It has some serious time on it.

Best Transport Mech ever made by Philips Engineers perspective.
I have a Sony SACD 777 ES with very few hours which I hope will last a very long time, but I also have a Onkyo changer (with 6 cd cassettes) that I bought fifteen years ago for one of my galleries for under $200. It plays seven days a week for 3-7 hours daily and hasn't missed a beat.
You just saved me 400$ on a cdm-3.I kind of thought in the same lines too.
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