CD transport is making noises....

I have an Arcam CD-92, and I just noticed that it makes these light, sharp, clicking sounds when I try to start up a CD, and when I skip from one track to another. I do not notice any sound when the CD moves from track to track on its own.

Now, the question is this: perhaps the noise was always there, but that I never noticed it before? Its not a sound I have heard any other CD player make, that's for sure.

Any thoughts? Should I get it looked at?
My guess is that a repair would involve replacement of the whole transport mechanism anyway, since they're usually pretty inexpensive ($30-$40) and would be very fiddly to fix. That said it might be worth making sure you can source a replacement mechanism for the player by contacting Arcam, or by taking off the lid and noting the number of the mechanism (I think Arcam uses Sony) and then going to an electronics parts store such as MCM electronics.

Then use it until it fails and have the whole transport replaced (a relatively simple job for a technician).

A stopgap would be to take the lid off and make sure that there is no dirt or hairs caught in the motors or the gears that position the lens and spin the disc, and then make sure any gears (there's usually a helical gear for positioning the lens) are lubricated with an appropriate lubricant.
Thanks for the response. I'll pop off the lid and take a look, but I'll probably have to put it in the shop for a while.
Are you in the U.S.? My personal experience has been that the U.S. distributor for Arcam, Audiophile Systems, Ltd., are excellent folks and are happy to assist with issues involving their product lines.

On two different occassions, ASL Group repaired used items that I had sold here on AudiogoN. They were under no obligation to do so as the items were used, without warranty and it was not for the original owner.

I would check with ASL Group first to determine if the sound is normal and if it is not, see if they can assist you with the repair.

BTW, I have heard of other CD players clicking under certain circumstances. It might be normal. But, check with the folks at ASL Group to get verification and assistance.



Thanks for the advice. I bought my unit from an Audiogon seller (who has been very helpful).

But, if ASL will repair it free of charge, I'll defintiely give them a ring.