CD transport for messed up Arcam

I have an Arcam Diva CD192 CD player, and it's not reading discs well. The problem has slowly gotten worse. I paid a fair chuck of change for this player a couple years ago and have been very happy with the sound of it. It took two whole months to break in,when it finaly did,it was an impressive sound indeed.
The machine will say "no disc" or error with red books and recorded ones. Sometimes it works OK though.Sometimes it give me alot of grief.Im sick of this issue.

My question. Can't I hook up a transport to the player?
If so,what's a good one that won't break the bank.

I'm most likely going to send it to a Arcam repair shop,but I'm looking at my options.I dont want the problem coming back.

Thanks for any input.
chunk not chuck
Have you tried cleaning the laser lens? If not I suggest a can of compressed air but be careful. If the air doesn't get it you can try a Q-tip with some alcohol on the lens, but be even more careful. This worked for me on a Sony cdp a while back.
As this unit has no digital input, a transport won't help.
Thanks,I'll try that.
I would guess a laser is heading south, although it could be a bad board. Eventually, you'll need a tech.
The lens cleaning did not help, but it was worth a shot.
Now I have to figure if a repair is worth it or not,I don't have any Idea how much that could sad.
That brings up a question anyway.Who is the dist. now that Audiophile Systems isn't anymore?I know somebody mentioned it awhile back but i don't remember.
If your unit is like some others, you might want to check that the spring on top of the transport is centered.
1. Possible film on the laser from smoking or ultrasonic humidifier (air won't remove it)
2. Worn "puck" (possibly felt) holding CD down - check if CD does not wobble

As for bad board - the only thing that can slowly go bad are electrolytic caps (starting over 15-20 years).

There is stil possibility of things getting out of whack - most boards have test point and trimpot for laser readjustment.
I blew what little dust was on the transport out of there,and there wasnt much,then I used a Qtip and cleaned the lens carefully with Alcohol.
I did notice a trim pot on the transport,do I dare tweak it ,hum... I might monkey with it some and see.
I will report what happens if I do.
Long time ago I found FAQ on internet describing how to adjust it using oscilloscope. I would leave it to skilled technician.

If you decide to turn the pot - remember it is most likeky multiturn, be sure you remember initial position.
Mcgaric - here is the link to CD players repair FAQ

My power supply caps failed, they were replace by an Arcam service center for around $125.00

The arcam run great now. whew!
I wish everyone would give an update like this. It is good to know the Arcam is back at work.