CD Transport for a reasonable price (pref under $500)

Looking for a transport to play CDs. I have a mac mini connected to a AMR DP-77 DAC but would also love the comfort of just popping in a CD.
Is it better to buy transports new? Since they have a mechanical component to them that will wear with age.
Rest of my system:
Devore Orangutan O/96
Coincident Frankenstein Mk2 
AMR DP-777 DAC/Pre
Coincident ICs and speaker cables.


New Cambridge Audio CXC Transport is 450.00 from Spearit Sound.

Oh nice! Thanks, btw do you have any experience with it.

Yes I do have experience with it.  I recently purchased one to replace a Sony cd player that cost 3K new.  This is a really nice and solidly built cd player with a reasonably thick front panel and a "real" cd audio drive.  This isn't a cheap computer cd drive or one that does everything, this drive is strictly designed for audio.  I run mine through my Paragon Halo Integrated amps dac section.  It uses the ESS Sabre 32 bit dac.  Sounds quite analog like. 

Spearit's web site shows the price of 499.95, but when I called to order one, I was quoted 449.95.  It's a steal at the price.

Have the Cambridge in my second system; nice unit