CD transport down, G&D Transforms UTP-1

My G&D Transforms UTP-1 CD transport just died. It is linked to the Entec Number Cruncher 3.0 After testing, the DAC and digital cable work fine. I substituted my stock Toshiba DVD player in place of the UTP-1. Even though it doesn’t sound as good, the music is back.

The Entec DAC has a green light that only comes on when there is a clean digital feed. If not, there is a red error light and no green light.

When I substituted the DVD player, the red light went off and the green light came on. This is in the parked mode when the DVD/CD unit is powered on but there is no CD in the tray. One thing that I noticed is that the DVD player is now playing an old CD properly that was skipping on the UTP-1. I'm thinking that maybe the CD spinning mechanism on the UTP-1 is shot. I’ve swapped the two units, G&D UTP-1 and Toshiba DVD player back and forth a few times with the same results. Is it possible that a bad CD spinning mechanism (even w/o playing a CD) can send a faulty signal feed to the DAC? When I put a CD in the UTP-1 and play it, the DAC still displays the red error light.

Would replacing the CD spinning mechanism get the UTP-1 working again? Any suggestions? Thx!
Usually, it's the laser tracking mechanism that fails first.

Independent of what failed on the drive, the drive unit has to be replaced. The disc drive is the part of a transport that fails most often.

A qualified person should replace the disk drive, and the correct replace disk drive must be obtained and installed.

Hope this helps.
Update. I replaced the laser pickup assembly - very slowly and delicately. First, I removed the anti-static solder ball. Put everything back together. When loading the CD, the tray receives and spins the disk just fine. But, when I push play, the disk spins for 2 seconds and then stops. The display doesn't recognize any of the tracks. I guess that means that the laser isn't reading the disk. Also, I don't see any light coming from the laser. I purchased this OEM assembly directly from Pioneer parts. Do I have a bad laser? Any suggestions?
Update 2. Unfortunately, I discovered that both the clock and the laser are shot. Time for a new transport. If anybody wants this unit for parts, please send a pm.