CD Transport?

I am current using a Cambridge azur C350 CD player but am using the SPDIF out to a Musical Fidelity M1DAC and am wondering what to consider for an upgrade path for the CD transport. I am assuming I'd just need the transport since I have the M1DAC.
Do you have a price range?
Price range would be under $1000 if possible.
CEC TL-51X would be a good choice and under $1000 used.
If you can stretch your budget a bit, your would be in the price range of the Bel Canto transport (CD3t).

I also believe that Musical Fidelity has a transport in the same price range. May work good with your DAC.

***Bel Canto dealer disclaimer***
Bel Canto was the one I was trying hard to remember, thank you. The Misical Fidelity is definitely under consideration if for no other reason than remote control compatibility (just kidding). I really like my MF gear. Did Naim make something a while back, transport only?
Not sure about the Naim. Don't believe I have ever seen one.
I believe Musical Fidelity makes a transport for under $1,000. I assume this would be a nice match?
Oppo BDP-103 is US$499 and sounds great
Arcam FMJ series would be a good choice.