Cd storage..what's an audiophile to do?

I have a small Cd collection of about 200 discs. It is already difficult to find a way to find a rack to store them in and I do not even have the >1000 disc collections that some of you have. So I ask you, how do you all store these large CD collections and as an extra bonus question how do you arrange them?
Jim, I believe Boltz make shelves for LP/LDs also...check out the "Shelving" section on their homepage...
Mgs, thanks for the tip...I didn't pay too much attention when I looked for my CD rack. Very nice stuff. Also a plus to be able to match the looks and materials for LP/LD and CD storage. Pricier, but still fairly priced. I guess that's to be expected given the difference in design and amount of material. Getting the size right is more critical since the shelves do not appear to be expandable. This is a nice feature with the CD storage systems. Thanks again.
I store my 800 Cd's in CD binders which takes up about 1/100th of the room. I just store the CD's alphabetically with the liner notes in the binder and browse the as I need.
The only thing Best Buys is good for is that they carry Atlantis CD racks. Atlantis make a 500 rack that is very much like Boltz with MDF side pannels. However, instead of costing $200 + they cost only $75. These are very attractive and have aluminum rods. It is a very sturdy design and worth slumming to Best Buys. Just wear some sun glasses, hat and oversized clothing. No one will notice you!