CD storage binders redux

OK, After completig my recet move to a new home and nearly getting a hernia when attempting to lift a box full of about 90 CD's I have surrendered and am going the way of the storage binder.
Would anyone give any suggestions? I have looked at the Case logic stuff but have heard they scratch the CD's. Is that true? The Cd projects stuff has gotten some bad reviews on amazon.
Optimally it would be nice to get an expandable model so that when you buy a new disc you could just clip in a new page..

JD The Weary
I use a sony 400 cd changer for storage and background listening. read the review at You can link a couple of them together. In my experience with any bainder you in danger of scratching your cd's either from the sleaves themselves or foriegn matter gettinig in between.
I've heard that the best carrying cases have CD holders in them that function like the tray in a jewel box. They protect the CD, but they're not too compact and I doubt they come in large sizes.