cd storage

Looking for suggestions for storing cds. Currently use the horizontal standalone units but these tend to be a less than optimal solution - basically you have to slide out each cd or flip through at an inconvenient angle to see what it is. Does anyone have a different method of storage or any helpful suggestions? I would like to find a drawer unit (kind of like the old card catalogs that libraries had but with larger area drawers -or something similar. It should have a high capacity as possible - need to store somewhere between 1500 and 2000 so the fewer units the better.
Check out Boltz if you're not familiar with them:

They have it all over anything else commercially available IMO.
I agree on Boltz. They are scalable as well. Well made and very good customer service.
Why don't you build or have someone build what you want?
IMHO, the best place to store that many CDs is in a music server and keep the physical discs in sealed boxes in basement.
Here's exactly what you are looking for. Industrial strength, scalable, and you can put them on wheels. I recommend getting some better casters than Can Am offers or the Can-Am caddy though, because when these cabinets are full they are heavy.

Also be sure to secure the cabinet or use the hardware so that only one drawer can be opened at a time because if you open the top two drawers of a three drawer unit, for example, and it's not secured, the cabinet will tip over.
Some drawer unit options:

Some upright shelving (regular and revolving) options:

Some higher-end options:

Hope this helps
CanAm is what I use. Outstanding tank-build quality and expandable as your library gets larger. Downsides are that they are heavy and expensive relative to shelving, but I really don't like looking at my collection - it is ripped to disc and put in storage almost immediately. You can use the CanAm drawers just like a library catalogue.
I've learned to like the drawer storage. It's easy to search through, and easier on my aging back. Also, uses less wall space, which is an advantage to me vs using less floor space.

In my case I purchased Ikea Maalm 6 drawer dresser and installed dividers in it (also reinforced the drawer bottom since that many CD's is pretty heavy). This required some DIY effort but the cost of them is right ($130) and they look pretty decent on top or working great.