CD Spinners Help Needed: Pioneer Elite PD 65 or Enlightened Audio Design T 1000

Hey all

I recently was gifted two CD spinners. I have a new looking Pioneer Elite PD 65 CDP and an Enlightened Audio Design T 1000 transport. I haven't spun CD's in years and now have two well respected spinners with similar topology. Both look quite attractive and functioning properly as far as I can tell. My question is if you were going to sell one and keep one which one to sell and keep (and why..).

The pioneer is in better shape aesthetically and looks to be nearly mint (not a scratch not a blemish). The EAD T 1000 appears a little more ruggedly built and "audiophile-like" in its appearance, but not as pristine as the pioneer. I don't currently have a decent DAC to use with which to platy the EAD. The DAC I used to test it for functioning is a cheapo china made thing. I didn't figure with the DAC a fair comparison could be made between the EAD and Pioneer CDP. 

Your thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated!! 
I do not like the sound of the Pioneer stable platter mechanism as a transport. I owned a Pioneer PD-S95 which was the flagship CD transport to use this mechanism. The sound was lacking in harmonics and gave the sense of being incomplete. 

That being said I would keep the EAD if you do not plan on using the player portion of the Pioneer. The pioneer should fetch more money in mint shape.
Pioneer supply’s the transport for the EAD. I had a Pioneer PD65 and had it for 15 years. It was an excellent sounding CD Player and Absolute sound gushed over it when it was reviewed way back when. They summed it up as : looks like a million and sounds like it too.

I would keep the PD65. Just beware the glue that holds the actual laser may be dried out and the lense could fall out. It is an easy fix.  Something I do not understand, since when is a cd player called a spinner?

 I was given these two players. A friend of mine passed away and he had tones of gear that was going to be given to the goodwill. So that made me dig out the old boxes of CDs..
As a transport I wouldn’t expect much difference between the two; both used the Pioneer stable platter. Been years but I’ve had them both at home, (years ago worked at a shop that sold both) and much preferred the The Theta Data Basic Transport either one. At the time I preferred products from CAL over anything for the money and the first real CDP I owned was an ARC CD2 that easily surpassed all the above. I say sale them both and if you don’t already own a streamer, go there. My bet is a Bluesound will outperform both with the  DAC you say you have, as its DAC is decent. Talking a streamer here with Tidal HiFi or other.

If you’re going to keep one then keep the Pioneer as it is a player and not just a transport. EAD DACs were ok, but their transports were just a Pioneer stuck in a heavy box really with a nice faceplate and not really much more. Sounding harsh here, and I shouldn’t as EAD was decent stuff then. I remember at the time I liked the McCormack SST-1 transport a lot too. For the money that was a nice transport.

i helped a friend create a system recently and I gifted the Pioneer to him, keeping the EAD For myself. I believe the EAD has a more laid back presentation and it has a remote which the Pioneer did not. 
I have the EAD DSP 7000. still awesome on CDs. Cost me a bit recently to get recapped, but it sounds fantastic.