CD Sound??

I have noticed that the CDs that sound the best in my system are all black like P. Barber Modern Cool, Sarah McLachlan Surfing and Yo-Yo MaMa SACD. My hearing or do the black CDs sound better? Where can I get CD-Rs to use that are black?

Thanks and Happy Listening
No, black CDs don't sound better. It's just a coincidence that you happen to like the sound of several that are.
CDs should be the same color as your speaker drivers or they will not sound as clear and detailed! :>)

You are on to something, no you are not insane, you may be
hearing a difference. Plextor, the industry satndard in cd/dvd burners have just upgraded thier burners with black
trays to minamize light difraction from the laser.
Also if you remember all those tweaks with the green pens,
that was also to absorm excess light.
Both Memorex and PNY diamond make black, blank cd-r's.
I use them both and swear by them. They cost a little more
but are worth it. Remember to reduce your burner speed to 1X to reduce errors and you will have an excellent copy.

good luck!
Read an interesting whitepaper on the Genesis Speaker web site re. blank Black CD's (address below). The Memorex brand of same, can be easily found on the www...
That Genesis article is clear proof that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I tremble to think about what his first draft said, before people started trying to straighten him out (not that they got very far).

The most revealing sentence in the article was when he said that "many brands of media...did not play in my transport." That would suggest to me that his transport is defective, although I suspect it's more likely that he probably just screwed up the burn, and then blamed it on the disk. Trust him at your peril.
I read a review on 6 moons that said that the black CDRs sounded best. I ordered a spindle to try out from They were Memorex, and I do think they sound better than the average TDK or Fuji cheap CDRs, but they aren't as good as Mitsui Gold in my opinion. I have had a few skips and glitches when using the black CDRs, where I don't have any problems with others that I've used.
Does "our" Vader wear black too?
I usually listen with my eyes closed, so EVERYTHING is black as far as I'm concerned. So no stimulus cross-contamination issues, resulting in higher s/n ratio in my brain, I suppose. You really think that's true for Redbook lasers too?
Your theory has some support, for sure. Check out:

I have found the black cds to be slightly better than any other. I have used the exact audio copy for transfer and even went as far as testing my friends who think i'm nuts for this infinant pursuit of happyness.The only cds I can find is memorex. I sure would like to know if I could get any other kind in Canada to test.
When I just powered on my Theta transport, it will read my black Imation CDR and redbook CD, 5 min later it will read all CDRs.