cd skips due to sub woofer

I have a Sunfire TGIII, Sunfire cinema signature II and a Sunfire Signature Stereo amp powering my system. My subs(2) are custom built ported boxes loaded with JBL power series 12's (2 ohm). My problem is that when I get near a decent output, granted I am talking loud but not overwhelming, my cd player starts to skip. If anyone has a TGIII then you know what -30 is like on the volume control.This is where my problem starts. The room is not sealed and it is 24' x 15'. Yes one sub is 6" away from my rack but I do not have the option of moving it,And yes I did put additional vibration pads under the cd players feet. BTW it is a Rega Planet.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
This is where isolation, again, does nothing to filter, inhibit, airborne resonances. Couple your CDP with Audio Points, the rack, and your subwoofers. Star Sound Technologies sells their Sistrum Subwoofer stand. Call Robert, and tell him your problem. I guarentee he will be able to help you. You'll solve the skipping and get much better sound. I have my subwoofer, too, 6" away from my rack. No skipping; ever, no matter what the volume. Of course, I have everything coupled. Good luck.
Ill bet you have wood floors like me. Cones under and damping on top my take care of it. If that dosnt do it try a wall shelf like Target makes mounted above your rack if possible.
Try isolating the subwoofer from the floor, and maybe sound absorbtion on the rack side which is facing the sub. I've had a similar issue. My sub(s) are on the opposite end of the same wall as the system, and at extreme SPL's, the CDP would occasionally skip. I've placed a TeknaSonic isolation platform beneath, as well as a 1/8" sheet of lead (sandwiched with neoprene rubber) above the CDP (EAD CD-1000). This seemed to cure the problem.

If you've got the room, you might try placing a phone book on top of the CDP first, just to see if it helps. Add weight on top of that to see if the MASS helps steady the transport. But the microphonics of the actual mechanisms might be the issue, opposed to chassis vibration.

As with all audio gear, what works for me might not work for you.

Good luck.
Thanks for the above, I will try a few "experiments"
Try placing your player on top of a partially inflated bicycle innertube and adding a bit of evenly distributed weight on top of the player itself. This "tweak" may set you back a whopping $15 ( including air pump ) if you can find a K-Mart nearby. No promises, but it "should" work. You may need to play around with the amount of air in the innertube to find what works best. Usually, less air is better than more air. Sean

PS... This WILL change the sonics of the system. You will have to weigh the benefits with the drawbacks and decide what you like most.
consider aurios bearings under the rega and the subs. expensive but very effective.