CD/SACD Players with volume control under 4K?

I am slowly aquiring more and more hybrid sacd's and sure would like to hear one. Is there a player with volume control that sounds good in both formats? This is for a 2 channel only system.
Personally, I think you might be better off with a dedicated player, and either use a passive preamp (especially a transformer-based unit), or something like the Ultimate Attenuators from Ric Schultz @ EVS,

This allows you to get more selection, and I would think that the volume control on a player may be of lesser quality overall. It would require an extra set of IC's, but that's not a huge deal.

Just my for players overall, there are many to recommend if you wan to go the route above. Mod'd units often give a lot of quality for the money....

Lots 'o' luck,

Todd - chams_uk
Try the Consonance SACD 2.0

Plays Redbook magically and the SACD is noticably better. This is one of my favorite players. Alot of sound for the money.

It has balanced outputs as well as RCAs and a volume control. It uses a single 6H30 tube.

It's $2500
Resolution Audio Opus 21. Lots of info available here on this player.
The Resolution Audio Opus 21 doesn't play SACD, as far as I know.
I am also looking for an SACD player with a volume control. I would also like to add that, from what I have read, the Consonance SACD 2.0 has a volume control, but it only works with the RCA outputs. If you want to use balanced outputs, you don't have volume control. Also, the balanced outputs are not truly balanced. Apparently, the 2.2 is balanced, but it is a red book player, not SACD.
I know it's not SACD, but the Resolution Audio Opus 21 is what you want. It's extraordinary, IMHO.
Ok, yep, the Resolution Audio Opus 21 does not play SACD. I was just so excited to tell you about it, I mis-read your post. Omains is right though, it is a great player!

I think the Shanling SACD CDP has volume control. And, Underwood Wally has a modified version of the player. He's a honest guy, I've dealt with him before.

Good Luck!
Right now, it appears that volume-controlled SACD is only coming out of China. (Consonance and Shanling). Has anyone compared the two players?
Thanks for the responses! I own the Consonance 2.2 redbook player and I just had the Opus 21 in house for two weeks. The consonance is a fine player and I beleive a great value for the price, but the Opus is just in an entirely different league. I'm no reveiwer and I'm not going to try but what it does is simply amazing. I wish I could find a stock all in 1 that could match it. I did have a problem with it reading a couple cd's so I returned it with the problem CD's, when they fix it it looks like I'll keep it. The mod guys have 'em(sacd) available with volume control but I'm a little nervous about that route. Any of you folks running a modded machine direct with volume control? If so how is it?
I am having Alex Peychev, of APL Hifi mod a Denom 3910 with digital volume control. I am absolutely positive the unit will be Fantastic. I already have his SACD 1000 with volume Control, and A/B the Exemplar 2900 to the 1000 using the Exemplar pre-amp. Later I listened to the 1000 with the pre hooked up, and without. I did this back and forth over a couple of days, with same 6 recording. Wow, I thought with the Pre, the 1000 sounded better, at first. I was wrong in the final analysis. The 1000 w/o the pre had more air between the notes, a little nore extension, both top and bottom, AND a bit deeper soundstage....Highly recommended
Linn Unidisk SC has a volume control but that's right at $5K.
I ordered a Modwright Sony 999es w/volume control. I can't wait to hear it.

Does the Denon come stock with digital volume control or does Mr. Peychev add that? And, have you rec'd it yet...If so, is it better than the Phillips you have/had. Thanks!
i just bought the reference series marantz SA is a SACD and have volume control on the remote
The literature on the Marantz doesn't mention a volume control anywhere. Are you running direct into the amp with this player? Thanks.
Sammie, the stock unit does not ahve a volume control, and yes, I have received the APL 3910, Exemplar 3910, Audio Aero Capitole II, and Musical fidelity Tri-Vista. The APL is the best diital I have ever HEARD, much les, owned.

Class A+, 10 out of 10. The Bomb.