CD/SACD Player Recommendation

A few years ago (2000-2004), I owned a Wadia 860x that satisfied my every digital need in spades but I had to sell it for a lack of cash and limited space reasons at the time.

I'm still somewhat cash strapped but have regained some space in the house and would like to get a CD/SACD Player for a new system I'm putting together: B&K 2220 balanced Power Amp and Paradigm Studio 100 (Version 4) speakers.

I realize that a lot of technology has changed since that time and I'm hoping that a (decent to great) unit might be available (new or used) for under $2000.00 that can connect directly to a power amplifier thus negating the need for a preamp (a CD/SACD Player having an on-board volume control). It must play SACD as well as Redbook. Balanced outputs would be a plus but not a deal breaker. If direct connect is not an option at this price point, I currently own a PS Audio PCA-2 Preamp that I would gladly use?

Does such a Player exist at this price point as far as any of you know? Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. If not, I'll re-think my goals.

You should look into the Denon 100th Anniversary SACD player. They didn't make many of them, they may be getting hard to find. I listened to it at least 4-5 times and it is a warm but very detailed player, I loved it. It has digital inputs so you can hook it up to a computer and listen to high resolution music, plus plays SACD. You do need to have a pre-amp though.
Consider a used Denon DVD-5910. They were $3500 new and are available for around 650 used. The Denon DVD-3910 is also very nice and can be had for a song (around 400). It's last list price was 1500 new and was just discontinued. I'm not sure about the variable outputs. I realize these are universal disc players but they are quite musical (especially the DVD 5910).
If you ever can find used APL HiFi SACD/CD Player then grab it; I know of no better players and I believe I auditioned most of them. Moreover, in contrast to most manufacturers, APL HiFi is willing to work with you to modify your player to the current standards.

I have older NWO-S1 player and now its being upgarded to NWO-M equivalent level and I can't wait until I will get it back !!!!

All The Best
I have the Onkyo C-S5VL. The only drawback is, it only cost $369 new. Won't impress your friends. Plays CD / SACD and has filters.
Deep thanks to all of you that have replied. For the time being, I'm making do with an Oppo BDP-83 Special Edition that sounds somewhat spectacular; however, I would be the first to admit that there are better candidates out there. First, it's not balanced and second it has no independent volume control both of which I would ascribe a huge premium in terms of eliminating a pre-amp. Still, it really sounds wonderful through my Paradigm Studio 100 V.4 speakers.

If anyone can add to this thread regarding my original questions I would be very grateful; but in the interim, I will listen as such to the system as described. Thank you again to all that have replied.

I'll echo the Denon recommendations. A few years ago, I got a modified demo Denon 2910 from David Schulte at the Upgrade Company. It replaced a Cambridge Audio D500SE and sounds much better to me. Not that I think you should try to find another 2910 but if the Upgrade Co. is still mod'ing. Denons, it's something to consider.