Cd/sacd player for under 2K?

Hi Guys,

Been rethinking my new system. Will go with halo jc2 and a21 amp with vandy quatros. What would be a nice cd/sacd player for under 2k? The sacd is not required, just would like to have the option, but it is not a choice killer. Thanks.
Joe in Mobile
Cary Audio Design 303/300.Several for sale in the classifieds.The 303/300 has selectable solid state and tubed output.If you find the Parasound a bit bright,the tube output should calm it down a bit.If you're not interested in the tubed output,the Cary CDP-1 is the solid state only version and goes for about half of what the 303/300 costs.I own the CDP-1 and am very happy with it.If possible try to audition before buying.Good luck.
The Sony SCD-XA5400ES is $1500, and sounds very good. If you really do want SACD, this is one of the best value players around. It takes quite some time to break in and really open up, but it will and has a clear and detailed, but not over bright presentation with excellent bass drive. A surprising player for the price. Balanced outputs done correctly, if that interests you.

Joe, be bold and prove you have an open mind. Get a refurb sony 595 for $60. Yes it also does SACD. If you buy it from Sony Style and don't like it, you can have them come get it. Once you have that 595 unit, start auditioning, on loan, your choices in your system. That process can be very scary, as it may change your outlook on the hi-end.
Forget Sony, you can buy an Esoteric DV-50 for less than $1,500 and it's rock solid and sounds great (will even cover DVD-A for you!)
Thanks for all the input so far. I hope to hear more ideas. My only concern with universal players is a potential trade-off in capabilities. I haven't heard the esoterics yet, but I am leaning toward keeping the dvd side separate from the cd side. I will hold off though until I can hear an esoteric. I would not mind being wrong on this. Thanks again.

Joe in Mobile
FWIW Esoteric makes players that don't have DVD-V as well, you'll need to research the model # but I think the SA 60 does just this.
Lexicon Rt20 and power conditioner with the savings.