CD, SACD on OPPO BDP-93 or 95 vs. Cary 303-200?

I have a Cary 303-200 CDP, have been very happy with it for years. Used to have a Sony DVP-9000 ES that I used for DVD's, SACD's, & 24/96 discs by Classic & Chesky--the sound quality of SACD's, & 24/96 discs on that player was excellent, & I miss being able to play those. I'm mainly wondering if the CD playback on any of the OPPO players would be as good as on my Cary, or other higher end CDP's.

I do watch a lot of movies (with the sound thru my 2-channel system), so that's important too. Rest of my system: Totem Mani-2 Sigs, Cary SLP-98 pre-amp, & C-J MF2500A power amp, & an older Pioneer DV-525 for DVD's.

TIA for any feedback. Oh, & I know I can order an OPPO & try it & compare it....just wanted to get some insights before doing that.
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Dear Steveaudio

I have owned a Cary 303-200 and currently own Oppo BDP-93 and BDP-91's. While the sound quality of the Oppo's are good, all things being equal, they will not match the sound quality of the Cary.


Thanks, all of those comments make sense. Maybe my question should be, would the playback of SACD & 24/96 Chesky discs on a BDP-93 be as good as on a Sony DVP-9000 ES? (And keep the Cary for Redbook CD). Of course it's easy enough to order one at $499 & try it. Also, I'd be gaining blu-ray.

PS-Ericjcabrera, nice looking system!