CD's in DVD players a compromise?

A broader question than it may seem at first. Apparently, the verdict is that DVD players do not excell at CD playback. Are there any DVD players out there that have actually surprised you with their CD capabilities? Also, what is the limiting factor here? Is it the digital reading of the CD. If so, then even an outboard DAC won't improve things. Is it that the internal D to A conversion is optimized for DVD's? If so, then an outboard DAC would be the answer. Does anyone out there know the cold hard technical facts on this subject? Will things get any better (or worse) with a Blue Ray player?
A Esoteric DV-50/60 needs an external dac like a hole in the head. Go to their website and read about their DAC's and upsampling in these things...... Also Mcintosh MVP-861/871 have good cd playback.

I have never used any of the Lexicon products, but quite a few Agoner's say they are great for the pre-owned price.
I watch a lot of DVD concerts, so I wanted one unit that excels at DVD and CD playback (audio was my first priority). I ended up replacing my older separates - Audio Research DAC II / Enlightened Audio Design T-7000 transport - with a Rotel RDV-1093 (universal player). During A/B comparisons, the Rotel bested the separates. Additionally, I A/B'd the Rotel with and without the PS Audio DL-III DAC (stock and stage IV upgrade). The Rotel kept its own with the stock DL-III (the bass and soundstage was only slightly more refined running through the stock DAC)and the Stage IV upgrade, while better sounding overall, only bested the Rotel by subtle margins. I could live with the sound of the Rotel RDV-1093. Currently, I run mine through the Cullen Stage IV DL-III to achieve - for me - reference quality (digital reference quality - I didn't say analog). For the money, you can't beat the RDV-1093. If you have more money to spend, check out the Bel Canto universal players.

Note: The Rotel RDV-1093 is NOT SACD compatible.

Happy New Year.
I have the Lexicon RT-20 Multi Player and I only bought it for CD and SACD playback for a dedicated 2 ch system, plus it has many connection options like balanced out!

I doubt I'll ever use it for DVD!

IMHO Arcam DVD players work quite well with CDs.
One might say some blind snobery leaks into the DVD player for CD debate and some is justified but not as often as some would lead you to believe. Another vote for Esoteric and Lexicon, I own the RT-10, my dad owns the DV-60 and we are both happy my dad is however thinking of an upgrade to a tube AR Ref8 player.
The Sony Bdp2000es Blu-Ray is the first Blu-ray Disc player in Sony's "Elevated Standard" (ES) line and was designed with many audio enhancements. Its an excellent CD player as well as a Blu Ray player.

It has rigid dual-shield construction. The high-end quality construction employs highly tuned audio parts including multi Channel 192KHz/24bit Audio D/A Converters as well as a solid beam chassis that contributes to minimized vibration and drastically improve playback. The unit's off center aluminum insulator feet combined with the aluminum top panel helps isolate the player from external vibrations , while a rigid drive bracket adds stability of the drive system and a separate isolated audio board prevents interference and keeps the signal as clean as possible delivering better sound.

I agree with Likecap, and i own one.
New Sony ES DVD player sans SACD? Way to go Sony... Abandon the customers who supported your earlier (but not distant) format efforts.
I find the Lexicon RT-20 DVD player gives me good CD,SACD,DVD-A sound.
Hey, I'm quite happy with my Oppo DV-983 - it plays every shiny disc format except BluRay and HD-DVD. And it's priced about 80-90% less than all the previously mentioned units. If you're on a budget, this is the unit to buy.

Or, if you'd like to have BluRay playback too, wait a month or so for Oppo's new BluRay universal. It is going to be a killer unit for only $599...

Don't be sucked into the OPPO fan club. I bought an OPPO
to see what all the fuss was about. I think OPPO buys off
reviewers personally. I would like to hear someone who has
actually A/B'ed the Denon 3930CI against the OPPO in their
home and not come on here and admit that the DENON smoked
the OPPO.

The Denon displays better "depth of field", has better
colors, better motion, and the sound for BOTH movies and
Redbook CD SMOKES the OPPO. I sold my OPPO at a loss and
continue to love my DENON.
Tom thats 5 times the price, if you are going to play reviewer then put products in proper context.
i own an oppo. i use it as a dvd player. it is ok for that. as a cd player, it is unsatisfactory, having an unbalanced frequency response and analytical presentation.
Thanks to all of you above for the good suggestions. Lets not stop now though, I'd like to hear as many as possible, and particularly those players that are also good value. Perhaps I was wrong to assume that good CD sound cannot come out of a DVD player. Maybe though it is simply a matter of manufacturing costs. I will admit that my notion comes mostly from comments made about less expensive DVD players. I paid $1600.00 for my CD player in 1990 and loved it and kept with it till it died a year ago. Now I couldn't dream of spending that much for a replacement. Can I find happiness for less than a grand, or even $600.00 bucks?
If HDMI isnt an issue the Lexicon RT10 for around $600 is a fantastic all around player with all formats covered save for HDCD and its video adjustments are a tweakers dream.
I don't know the context nor the model Oppo some of the posters were referring to but my OPPO DV-980H replaced a tweaked out Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 tubed cd player and continues to please. The system it is in was put together for 2 channel only consisting of a Bryston B-60/2B-LP preamp/biamp combo along with pure silver cabling throughout to a pair of Totem Arros.
The end result is a very high resolution, yet musical sytem which images holographically. Before writing it off because of a few negative comments I would suggest trying it out first. Keep an open mind and you may be amazed like I was. At $169, it is cheaper than most decent cables. Just my 2 cents!
Hifiharv - DVD players usually are not great as CD players because their main function is DVD playback (but have great tracking). If you combine cheap DVD player with jitter rejecting DAC like Benchmark DAC1 you'll become independent of the transport, will be able to play DVD and MP3s (inherent decoder in most DVD players) and also connect your HDTV and computer/server. Digital cable can be generic or self made. I use Benchmark with $70 Sony DVD player and sound is great.
ya, agree with Tom92602. Oppo 987 really sucks after i saw people had good reviews. I bought and sold it right the way. Nowhere close to Rotel RDV1080. Totally disappointed. I don;t think Oppo 105 or that sort will come close. Chinese is Still Chinese