CD-Rs' sound quality as good as store bought ??

I have the Pat Travers new SHM Japanese cd's.

 I have ripped them into my computer with audio lab 3.0 with the rip speed set at NOT burst mode, one under, to slow it down. Also I burn the CD's to Taiyo Yuden cd-r's at studio quality 96 or the last option is 126K? or something like that.

Would I add any distortion playing the cd-r's at my preferred level ( it is Pat Travers !!)

or would the SHM originals offer better resolution? or would i not be able to hear a difference????

thank oyou


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On my system I cannot hear the difference. I know that there IS a difference because my Naim CDS3 skips on some CD-R copies of CDs. Unless I use "black" CDR blanks, for some reason those never skip. Another proof that CD clones are somehow different is that my Wadia 781i refuses to play some CDs. But plays CDR copies of those same CDs without any problems.
But hearing the difference - no, I cannot. But its just me. Does not stop me from bying those cute overpriced boxes of Japanese mini-LP CDs :-)